It’s that time of the year where every one and their brothers post their best of the year, in this case 2013.  And while I quit that roller coaster ride of naming all of my favorites, and then posting a ‘you name the best of the year’ collection that literally took up a lot of time, I cannot deny there were those that took up my time, and space in my head.

But this year, I have had several favorites. Some that were all demanding.  And one new discovery this year that was actually released in 2012.  Of course, I’ve rambled about these for some time now but I decided it would be nice to throw what I remember in the ring for you to note.  And for you to give me yours.

We can make this a running conversation, as I really need to sit and pull up all of the faves that I have enjoyed over the year.  Enjoy, for me goes beyond the “yeah, that’s nice” one-time listen.  In fact, and crazy too, I have been held hostage by four particular albums.  Those are:

Adam Green/Binki Shapiro: They have nailed a complete and sensitive album looking at everything.  Released on Rounder Records, this debut kept me returning to it month after month.  when I think I’ve heard enough and put it away, a song crept back into my head.  When I pulled the album out to hear again, it stayed in my player for the better part of a few weeks.  Folk, country, and rock, it is a gem of an album.

AdamGreen Bink Shapiro CD

Lily & Madeleine: It’s very difficult to listen to the debut release on Sufjan Stevens’s Asthmatic Kitty label (what a score!), without having the 5-song EP released earlier in the year, creep back into the head.  It’s very easy to say that these girls have a great thing going on.  Their lyrics are wise beyond the girls’ years, and the music is contagious and memorable.  The EP, The Weight Of The Globe, is a perfect mini-album, and does everything in the world to herald their debut that was released later in to the year.


The album itself, with so much promise attached to it, did not disappoint in any way.  And while not every song stayed with you, it was worth every penny you spent on it.  And I got vinyl as well as the CD.  I still listen to both.


The Black Angels: With the release of Indigo Meadow this year, this retro psychedelic lived up to their hype really, really well.  In fact, they had me combing through my collection for everything that was psychedelic in the late ’60s.  There’s not a bad song on the album.


And then there are all of the passing through ones that seem to register high on most people’s list.  There’s no denying those bands produced great albums.  But it seems that these guys were just the flavors that are out at the current time.

I’ll get into those before the year is out, and likely sooner as some pass through whatever discussions end up here. Do you have new favorites from this year?

Hey, the end of the year is almost here!

Oh, and that 2012 release still garnering much of my attention?  That’s The Lion’s Roar from First Aid Kit. Unbelievable perfection.

Basic CMYK

By MARowe

One thought on “My Favorites Of 2013…Thus Far”
  1. In no particular order:
    Courtney Jaye – Love And Forgiveness
    Jillete Johnson – Water In A Whale
    Brooke Annibale – Words In Your Eyes
    Jason Isbell – Southeastern
    Sara Burns – Past Tense
    Lelia Broussard – 2013 Singles
    Tegan And Sara – Heartthrob
    Best Coast – Fade Away
    Arcade Fire – Reflektor
    Brave Baby – Forty Bells
    Starship – Loveless Fascination

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