While there are a few Close To The Edge reissues in the marketplace, all of them excellent, I would be absolutely remiss if I did not offer you a direct route to be able to hear these newly released remix gems.  So good that if you were on the fence about acquiring a copy, a listen through these samples may change your mind completely!

By MARowe

4 thoughts on “90s Samples From Yes, Wilson Remix of Close To The Edge”
  1. The Steven Wilson 5.1 mix was worth the price of admission. He did an awesome job with this album.
    I will be interested to hear what others think.

  2. I think he did an awesome job too. There is more detail in the mix and some of the annoying sheen I have always disliked in the overall production is reduced so that more instruments stand out. And the soundstage and separation is more apparent (I am speaking of stereo now). But, one thing that I found interesting is that there is a little less “life” in the recording. The SACD is warmer, and the previous remaster is a little more harsh. So, I would say if you are a detail person when listening, this is the best you will ever hear the stereo – if you prefer the original mix despite its shortcomings, then the SACD would suit better – all a matter of taste really. I will likely only listen to the Wilson version going forward.

  3. Thanks for posting this (well, linking to it – I see this is from the official Yes Soundcloud); I’ve been wanting to hear what Wilson did. I like it a lot! As I expected, it has way more ‘natural’-feeling space in it (I’ve never cared for how the original mix made everything into a big sonic blob), and of course far better detail. He managed to de-emphasize the ‘farty’ sound Chris’s bass has in CTTE (which I have long hated), and the guitars and drums are way cleaner/clearer. The harsh high-end frequencies/distortion are de-emphasized, also a good thing.

    The remix touch is much lighter on side two, which is no surprise, though again the instrument separation is improved. Siberian Khatru has even better punch and presence than before. Seems Wilson went very light on the reverb everywhere.

    I’ve actually never owned a CD copy of CTTE (I have vinyl, tape, and several digital versions), but I do believe that will be changing ASAP. This is great stuff.

    Seriously hoping he does Going For The One next – has some of my favorite Yessongs on it, though I’ve always thought the mixing and EQ’ing is mostly a disaster.

  4. Just received my “Yes” C.T.T.E. simply amazing, we have 6 versions of the original album in 5.1 surround sound! If i remember correctly total time of the album is just on 38 minutes and now we have an early mix of the title track “America” included, that’s only the beginning!! The sound quality and extras are
    stunning. Bill amp; Bob what an amazing job, can’t speak highly enough of the definitive edition.

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