A short time ago, YES released a complete Box set of their Atlantic albums remixed into SACD quality.  In a time where Complete Albums series are becoming the sought after pick-ups due to their across the board remastering, sometimes a large book (sometimes even hardbound), the promise of bonus inclusions, and every recorded album in one fell swoop, it’s nice to see a few bands NOT wait for the powers to decide if such a collection is necessary.  As far as fans of any band are concerned, it’s ALWAYS necessary.

When YES released their Complete Box of Atlantic recordings in SACD, it was a bit of a surprise, if not unwelcome.  After all, how many people actually have SACD capability in their homes. Likely, not many.

YESTheStudioAlbums6987Today, YES announced the release of a new collected set of their complete Atlantic output in a single clamshell Box set, calling the 13CD collection, YES: The Studio Albums 1969-1987.  In this box, you can expect to receive the remastering and expansions of YES (1969, six bonus tracks), Time And A Word (1970, four bonus tracks), The YES Album (1971, three bonus tracks), Fragile (1971, two bonus tracks), Close To the Edge (1972, four bonus tracks), Tales From Topographic Oceans (1973, six bonus tracks), Relayer (1974, three bonus tracks), Going For The One (1977, seven bonus tracks), Tormato (1978, ten bonus tracks), Drama (1980, ten bonus tracks), 90125 (1983, six bonus tracks), and Big Generator (1987, five bonus tracks). Setting this Box even further apart, this marks the first time Big Generator (with remastering and expansion with bonus tracks) is available in countries other than Japan.  This release is, primarily, a complete packaging of all of the Rhino remasters and expansions originally released in 2003 and 2004. The artwork is a Roger Dean original, and is new for this release.

The Box set is scheduled for release in Canada, UK, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, and Japan on November 11 via Rhino Records.  The US version is expected not too long after the November 11 issue date.  The retail price is running about $75, which is not bad at all considering the amount of music that is to be had for the money.  If I didn’t already have all of these Rhino remasters, I’d be getting this set.

Follow this link for complete information on the 66 bonus tracks to be found throughout.

By MARowe

8 thoughts on “YES: The Studio Albums 1969-1978 Box (The Atlantic Issues)”
  1. Of course the only way to get the remastered big generator is to buy all the cds again,no thanks like you I already have the rhino remasters from a few years ago.Maybe back a few years ago I might have rebought them again but I have had my fill of having to keep buying the same titles over and over especially when I only need one of them

  2. Meanwhile, I just got notice from Amazon FOR THE THIRD TIME, that the release date of the Steven Wilson 5.1 version of CTTE has been pushed back again. Damn I hate waiting.

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