If you have followed Boston from their huge self-titled classic hit that yielded “More Than A Feeling”, “Foreplay/Long Time”, and “Peace Of Mind”, selling more than 17 million copies way back in 1976, and followed by their seven million units selling Don’t Look Back, then this post is for you.

Boston delivered their third album, Third Stage in 1986, taking eight years to produce it but still selling a phenomenally strong four million copies.  Then holding true to their style, Scholz and company release Walk On eight years after that selling a million copies to the faithful.

Since those powerful four releases, Boston lost Brad Delp, their singer of all of their albums to date including 2002’s interesting, Corporate America, to suicide in 2007.  With such a compelling loss, one would think that Boston would close their doors and cruise no longer.  But one would be wrong.

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On December 3, Frontiers Records will release the sixth Boston long-player, Life, Love & Hope.  Sadly, it will not feature the vocals of Brad Delp.  But Boston really hasn’t disappointed too many fans with their small catalog from their long, long legacy.

There’s little details so let this serve as an announcement to the fans of the band.

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13 thoughts on “Boston To Release New Album In December”
  1. I’m still waiting for the remastered version of third stage and the live cd scholz was going to put out with the original band,scholz talked about this a few years ago.Of course we all know the pace he works at,and third stage was the last good album from them the other ones of recent history like corporate America were not good

  2. If there was ever a band that shot their load on the first album it was Boston. I love that first album. A definite must have. Each subsequent album has been a shadow of the one that preceded it. I have them all, but after Third Stage I found them un-noteworthy. Unless lightning strikes and there is a hit song on this new album that gets played on the radio (fat chance in hell, right?) or the reviews from all fronts are stellar, I doubt I will even pick up this new album (I don’t need another cd to put in a box after two listens).

    No Brad Delp, the last two albums did nothing for me, not bothering with this one.

  3. I love everything Boston has ever released (even Corporate America), so I’ll be the first in line for the new album.

  4. This “record” has had so many twists and turns. First Delp’s vocals were going to be on board. Then no. On the heels of the train wreck that *was* Corporate America, I’m hoping Tom puts out something that real fans can enjoy. Boston was Tom and Brad, period. Nothing will ever replace that. But Tommy does a nice Delp-like vocal. We can live with that.

  5. I’ve become a gradfather waiting for a new release from Boston. I’ve followed the band from the beginning, knew Brad and went to all of the West Coast concerts. I LOVE all of the releases AND “Corporate America” was the best. Trouble is the band evolved and the fans didn’t. Every song is terrific and Tom is a genius. I miss Brad too but time marches on and so does music. I eagerly await the new arrival. I know I won’t be disapppointed.

  6. As a long-time Boston fan, no pun intended, I will not be purchasing Boston’s forthcoming album. Tom Scholz is essentially attempting to erase the legacy of the band by not using the tracks that Brad recorded before he took his life. Once again, Scholz is denying true Boston fans what they really want. Boston with Brad singing all vocal parts. Sorry Tom, but you are not a one man band. Tommy may be a nice guy but he is not Brad.

  7. I love Boston, love all of the albums except Corporate America (but did love “I Had A Good Time” from that album) and have already pre-ordered this CD on Amazon. According to the official Boston web site, Brad Delp’s vocals WILL be featured on this album, so, if that’s the only reason you weren’t going to buy it, you no longer have any excuse. I’m not a vegetarian, not a liberal, so I have nothing in common with Tom Scholz, but this is about the music and Tom Scholz is my favorite musician and Boston is my all time favorite band. I’ve got to have it and hope that they release it on vinyl too!

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