Diamond Dave, or David Lee Roth, whichever your preference, had a whirlwind of an excellent career even if a lot of it was shrouded in bad feelings, and all of that general bad band plague that haunts.  From the timeless first album from Van Halen, to a rich solo career that began with the four-song EP, Crazy From The Heat, David Lee Roth had a rock star persona that was way over the top.  But it worked, and we love him more for it.

DLRGreatestHitsDeluxeWhile a ‘best of’ collection for Diamond Dave would not be as filled to the brim with hits as his band had, his stuff was still quite memorable.  With his fun cover of The Beach Boy classic, “California Girls” (a song my daughter loved without question), and of “”Just A Gigolo”, and his following full-release debut, Eat ‘Em And Smile,with its batch of hits (“Goin’ Crazy”, “Tobacco Road”, “Yankee Rose”), DLR was on top of the world.

There’s more to Diamond Dave’s story, much more.  And Friday Music has decided to release a Deluxe Edition of Greatest Hits that cover the solo history of his music.

On November 19, the CD and DVD set will feature new remastering by Joe Reagoso.  The song selections and sequencing for this set was worked on by Diamond Dave himself.  What adds to the excitement of this album is the inclusion of the entire Crazy From the Heat EP, and a DVD filled to the max with the original Dave TV video (and its four songs), and five additional videos not previously released.

The booklet will bring new photos, credits, and a full set of printed lyrics of the tracks included.

Sounds like fun to me!


  1. California Girls *
  2. Just A Gigolo*
  3. Easy Street*
  4. Coconut Grove*
  5. Just Like Paradise
  6. A Little Luck
  7. I’m Easy
  8. Tobacco Road
  9. Goin’ Crazy
  10. Yankee Rose
  11. A Lil’ Ain’t Enough
  12. Sensible Shoes
  13. Hey, You Never Know
  14. Hot Dog And A Shake
  15. Land’s Edge
  16. No Big “Ting

* Crazy From The Heat EP



  1. Just A Gigolo
  2. California Girls
  3. Yankee Rose
  4. Goin’ Crazy


  1. Sensible Shoes
  2. A Lil’ Ain’t Enough
  3. The Nightlife
  4. Goin’ Crazy (Spanish)
  5. Tell The Truth


By MARowe

3 thoughts on “David Lee Roth Gets A CD/DVD Deluxe Edition, Greatest Hits”
  1. This is great news!! However, why is ‘Skyscraper’ given the red-headed-stepchild treatment here? Only 2 tracks on the CD, and no videos? ‘Just Like Paradise’ was a #1 MTV video in its time, and an awesome one too! I’ll buy it anyway, but a shame that the videos aren’t complete.

  2. Also, need I point out that the video for “Tell the Truth” is included but the song itself isn’t on the CD. Also, there’s some other singles missing such as “Stand Up” and “She’s My Machine.”

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