It’s been awhile since I’ve done any kind of notice for any SACDs arriving out of the Japan marketplace.  However, a few readers have privately emailed me and asked why.  Personally, I’ve been underwhelmed by any of the SACDs (that I have purchased).  I was especially put off by the assembly line feel of the SACD of Argus by Wishbone Ash.  Nevertheless, there are still SHM-SACD product arriving from Japan although at a slower pace.

Nevertheless, Steve Talia has reported on some of these titles in his Talia’s Overflow Notes column found in our pages throughout any given month.

For today’s post, there are the following titles:

  • Regatta De Blanc – Police
  • Breakfast In America – Supertramp
  • Never Mind The Bollacks, Here’s The Sex Pistols – The Sex Pistols
  • Every Picture Tells A Story – Rod Stewart
  • Disraeli Gears – Cream
  • Zoot Sims And The Gershwin Brothers

These titles are planned for November 27.  They will be housed in the popular mini-LP style casing.


And while we’re here, how does people feel about SACDs these days?  I know that some of you really like the 5.1 aspect and there is so little of those going around largely due to the cost of doing it.  Still, Stereo SACDs are pretty cool.  I wish that we can get good SACDs of Springsteen albums, later-era Rolling Stones (and not the Japan SMH-SACDs either, unless you guys feel they do the titles justice.  Then, I might try one), early-era Foghat, and more.  Also, they could finish out the Eric Clapton SACDs.  I really would like a No Reason To Cry SACD.

Also, I’m trying to acquire a cheap(er) copy of the No Secrets DVD-Audio by Carly Simon.  Ohh, the things we let go by us, only to want them later!  And a special nod to David Rowe (no relation) for allowing me to listen to his copy of No Secrets for sooooo long before I returned it.  I’ll always be thankful for that.

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13 thoughts on “SACDs From Japan”
  1. I have purchased a few of the more recent Japanese SACD’s – Exile On Main Street and Black amp; Blue (Stones), Electric Warrior (T.Rex) and News Of The World (Queen). A mixed bag on the sound quality. I thought that Exile was too bright and lacking in any low end. But, Electric Warrior sounds great. I would greatly prefer to buy these from a reputable U.S. company, but looks like that will not be happening. BTW, I also would love to have many Springsteen titles on SACD if done properly.

  2. I still will pick up sacds if they are one of my favorites even without the 5.1 mix. Same with blu-rays.
    However if they do offer a 5.1 mix then that will often tip me to buying one that isn’t one of my favorites.
    I was surprised that the new Dream Theater album had a 5.1 dvd audio. Pretty good surround mix too.
    Already pre-ordered the Rush Hemispheres and Roger Waters Amused To Death sacds and, of course the Steven Wilson Yes Cose To The Edge disc.

  3. I will just again reiterate for anyone relevant to the discussion out there:

    I have little to no interest in these stereo SACD releases, particularly at the prices that are being charged. If they are your thing and you’re willing to pay, more power to you! :)

    But I would buy all of these and pretty much any other classic pop/rock album without hesitation if they were done in 5.1 surround.

    BofA would be outstanding in 5.1!


  4. Speaking of stereo SACD, I think the gap has narrowed between a good remix/remaster and SACD. As I mentioned in comments in the Close to the Edge post, I think there will be a lot to tell about comparing those two.

  5. To My Friend Matt,
    Provided that the announcement for the Led Zeppelin individual album box sets don’t say that there’s any coming by December, I will likely put in for the Rod Stewart-Every Picture Tells A Story and Cream-Disraeli Gears titles. These are big enough albums in my eyes that I would want to have them just for a different sonic perspective. I just wish I had gotten off of my duff and had picked the Who’s Next-The Who title when it came out. I was skeptical about it and froze for too long. It was the Stones titles which made me take the plunge.
    As far as The Rolling Stones SHM-SACDs from a year or so back, tons of people over at the Hoffman Forum swear by them while the host, Steve Hoffman himself, doesn’t think they are anything to write home about. Strange as it is to say, I got them because I just wanted to hear the Sticky Fingers through Some Girls studio albums on a different format. I wouldn’t be a very good judge of what the sound of these things are because of my hearing impairment and the two ancient hearing aids I wear. Sound compatability is based on what is funneled into my ears and being processed by the hearing aids and my brain. I think they are passable based upon how I’m hearing things. But I find that the well-done surround 5.1 SACDs to sound much fuller and with bass that actually has prescence and warmth at the same time. The 2-channel Japan SACDs can sound a little tinny to me. When I listen to the old DSD masters from ABKCO of the old Decca catalog, they sound better than the Japan SACDs for the later Atlantic/Rolling Stones Records titles that I mentioned above. Just keep in mind that your mileage may vary and that my hearing is not like most people. The way I interpret things may, in fact, be sonically deficient.

  6. I own quite a few sacd’s and dvd-a titles plus the dreaded dual discs,this is just my opinion but as far as buying sacd or dvd-a or any other high resolution format I don’t see the point in it unless its in 5.1 maybe its just my ears but I have listened to sacd stereo and cd stereo audio and really never heard a difference even though I know the sacd is higher resolution

  7. Just to add an addendum to my previous post about wanting more 5.1 mixes, I just got the newsletter/email from Rhino officially announcing the upcoming release of Van Morrisson’s MoonDance in 5.1. I’d normally be first in line for this, BUT….

    It only comes in one of these “Deluxe” packages that include a bunch of stuff I don’t want and are quite pricey :( .

    Again…newsflash to the powers-that-be: STOP releasing these 5.1 mixes in these expensive packages exclusively! I would buy the 5.1 mix of this album in a heartbeat if it were available as a single disc for a reasonable price!

    I still fume over the Aqualung release from a year or so ago…I REALLY want to get the 5.1 mix for AL, but no way am I paying >$100 for the whole package with the extra discs and even a vinyl copy that I have no interest in. I enjoy the album, but not THAT much…

    My rant is run…


  8. What’s starting to bug me nowadays is that the record companies may be in the process of starting to forget that there are some of us who still haven’t gotten a Blu-ray player yet. I still run my multi-channel system through a universal player. I don’t have the moolah to invest in another complete system which includes Blu-ray.

  9. Jon I’m right there with you on these deluxe packages I skipped on the jt also I bought the cd instead

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