Miles Davis, perhaps more than any artist, has been paid careful attention to musically.  His jazz music is highly influential, and completely enjoyable, and well received.  It doesn’t surprise me that Legacy Recordings has explore his vast recordings as much as they have.

MilesDavisMonoBoxIn a few short month, November 12, as a matter of fact, Legacy Recordings will unveil their latest Miles Davis album set, called The Original Mono Recordings, which collects nine early Columbia Records titles.  All of the titles (‘Round About Midnight – 1957, Miles Ahead – 1957, Milestones – 1958, Jazz Track – 1959, Porgy And Bess – 1959, Kind Of Blue – 1959, Sketches Of Spain – 1960, Someday My Prince Will Come – 1961, Miles and Monk at Newport – 1964), will be completely remastered in their original mono state, and delivered to you as fresh as can be.  What makes this set even more valuable is the fact that two of the titles are rare and have never before appeared in any Miles Davis collection.  This would be Jazz Track, and Miles And Monk At Newport.

The CDs will be housed in mini-LP replica jackets, all of which will then be contained in a boxed slipcase.  The box itself will have a 40-page booklet with complete information of each album, as well as photos, and a large 2000 word essay by Marc Myers.  The booklet will also contain liners notes on the album by album remastering processes.

For vinyl fans, Legacy will release a few of the albums in this package as stand-alone vinyl LPs.  Some of the titles have already been issued as LPs.  The three on the calendar for vinyl reissue are Kind Of Blue, and the two rare sets, Jazz Track, and Miles And Monk In Newport.  Those are slated for November 29.

History is tucked away in this box with brilliant new remasters adding sparkle to what are already highly polished musical gems and complete album works.

By MARowe