Sometimes nothing changes, at least not too much.  Back in 2001, Rhino released a 4CD Box that scoops across the history of Buffalo Springfield with studio tracks, demos, alternate takes, and finished outtakes.  Given that this super band (with Neil Young, Stephen Stills, Richie Furay, Dewey Martin, and Bruce Palmer), only lasted through two albums as an intact band, with a count of only 34 tracks (including the twelve from their post disbanding Last Time Around set) to their legacy (22 if you only count the first two albums), they seared their existence on the minds of may, many fans.  Why?  Their potential was through the roof, that’s why.

So, when Rhino released the Buffalo Springfield box, it was well-received by the many fans that are still in love with that potential, and the limited amount of songs that sprung from the band.  It was filled with many previously unreleased songs in many forms, in a long box.  By now, the set has been run through, and there are likely not many to be acquired.


On October 22, Atlantic Records will alleviate that lessening of available copies by re-releasing the Box calling it Reformat (a sub-title of sorts).  There will be little new about the set other than the cover, which changes a bit from the original cover of the 2001 Box.  As for content, well, it is all of the same.  There is nothing new.  But if you were unable to score a copy of the Box, this is your grand chance to get yourself  “caught up” with your Buffalo Springfield collection.

To rehash what the set contains, CDs one through three are filled with 65 tracks related to the band’s studio releases in one way or another as outtakes, demos, and alternate versions.  Disc four provides the band’s first two albums in their entirety, with the debut presented in Mono.

Otherwise, if you own the 2001 set, then there is little to work up about here (for all we know as of yet).  But if you don’t own the 2001 set, here’s your opportunity.

The UK, trendsetters that they are, will release this new update of Buffalo Springfield (Reformat) on September 9.  As previously mentioned, the US will follow that release date with October 22.


By MARowe

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  1. Matt-If I’m recalling correctly from past discussions that took place long ago, the few criticisms of this particular box centered around the fact that there were no vintage live tracks included and that the long version of “Bluebird” was also not part of the set. As to the latter, Stills has indicated that he hates the long version and didn’t approve it’s inclusion on to the box. As to the lack of live material, no explanation (that I can recall) was ever given.

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