It’s been quite a long time since Babyshambles‘ last album.  That was Shotter’s Nation back in 2007.  Babyshambles’ main man is Peter Doherty of Libertines fame.  Yes, that troubled Peter Doherty that we always read about narrowly avoiding a prison sentence
for one thing or another, and whose drug and alcohol issues seem to be a three-alarm fire rating.


Babyshambles was formed after the Barat/Doherty issues did damage to the great Libertines and promised to never resurrect that band.  Although there have been starts and fits with The Libertines including several shows with original members, I fear the best of the band is behind us.  But that leaves us with Babyshambles.  And Babyshambles is still great British rock and roll.  Just give the second video (found below) a listen if you haven’t heard of Babyshambles and their music.

If you were a fan of New York Dolls, and followed Johnny Thunders through any phase of his career, then you have what it will take to fully appreciate Babyshambles.  I always keep Babyshambles (and Pete Doherty too) on my ‘pay attention’ list so it pleasantly surprised me (y’know, because I worry about this kind of stuff) to read this piece from Consequence Of Sound.  In a nutshell:

Babyshambles will be releasing their third long player on September 2 (UK), with no word yet of a US release although I’m sure it’s forthcoming.  The new album is cleverly being called Sequel To The Prequel.  The band will release the album’s lead-off single, “Nothing Comes To Nothing” on August 26.  Below is a video found on YouTube of Pete Doherty performing “Dr No”, a new track from the upcoming album.


1. Fireman
2. Nothing Comes To Nothing
3. New Pair
4. Farmer’s Daughter
5. Fall From Grace
6. Maybeline
7. Sequel To The Prequel
8. Dr. No
9. Penguins
10. Picture Me In A Hospital
11. Seven Shades Of Nothing
12. Minefield

I just quite pleased that a new Babyshambles album is on the way.  I just hated waiting six years for it.

By MARowe