MMobyInnocentsMoby is an international artist known to many people for many things.  His most known involvement is, of course, his music.  Since the early ’80s, Moby has been in various music circles.  His first gig was the hard-core punk band, Vatican Commandoes, in Connecticut, from 1982-1985.  He was not known as Moby then.  Since, however, Moby has pursued an electronics based style of music in many of his albums with Mute Records.

His first album with Mute was Everything Is Wrong.  Everything Is Wrong was released in 1995.  Meeting with tepid response, Moby released a punk album, Animal Rights (1996), which still kept some media and fans intrigued by his style.  Eventually, Moby would release the strong hit, Play (1999).  Play contained some of the most fascinating styles that showcased a variety of talent.  “Natural Blues”, “Porcelain”, “Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad”, “Bodyrock” and  other songs from the album eventually were licensed to film, and other media outlets making Play not only a huge seller (over twelve million units sold), but also the first album ever to license all of its tracks.

MobySince Play, Moby has released five albums with his next one coming in October.  On October 1, Mute Records will release The Innocents, a collaborative album of philosophical import that explores human vulnerability, and the need for human connection.  Moby worked with Wayne Coyne (The Flaming Lips), Mark Lanegan, Cold Specks, Skylar Grey, Damien Jurado, and Inyang Bassey to create this different kind of album.

The Innocents will contain twelve songs.  And although the album is not slated for release until October, the lead-off single is current available at iTunes.  The song is called “A Case For Shame”, and is a result of a collaboration with Cold Specks.  The audio-only pre-release video is also available on YouTube (see below).  Moby will perform the album in only three LA shows at a yet undetermined venue.


1. Everything That Rises
2. A Case For Shame (with Cold Specks)
3. Almost Home (with Damien Jurado)
4. Going Wrong
5. The Perfect Life (with Wayne Coyne)
6. The Last Day (with Skylar Grey)
7. Don’t Love Me (with Inyang Bassey)
8. A Long Time
9. Saints
10. Tell Me (with Cold Specks)
11. The Lonely Night (with Mark Lanegan)
12. The Dogs

By MARowe