Three Fields SkyThe UK-based Three Fields have been consistent in releasing new music.  This is a good thing because with ambient music as good as has been released by Three Fields, I’d like a steady dose of it.  With an upcoming long player expected sometime in 2014, it is gratifying to find that there is a new 4-track EP now available since June 21.

The new EP  has been named Sky.  Inside, the songs contain an evolutionary and  different sound than the previous release.  This kind of creative experimentation in sound prevents tags to be assigned that can throw off potential new fans.  Previously, I had likened Three Fields to Tangerine Dream, which holds true to a point. But to rope Three Fields into that specific is to do a disservice to not only the musician, but to the potential new fan as well.

The title track is a spacey, and eerie tune that expresses itself well.  With a hint of Roger Eno (think Voices), the music employs a minimalistic style and is easily the gem of this set.  “Evolve” changes the pace and style bringing diversity into the EP.  In fact, it develops a soundtrack feel, which easily has the added benefit of stirring the creative power in your mind producing visuals there.

ThreeFields“Cauldron”, the EP’s longest track is rhythmic in its makeup, largely piano-driven, and is a delight to enjoy.  “Clear” also contains an emotionally tinged Roger Eno vibe within it.  Slightly shorter than “Cauldron”, this song is a wonderful selection with beautiful repetitions that can engage your inner self.

What’s great about Sky, the EP, is the varied selections that make it up.  You’re listening to four different shades of the music of Three Fields.

Three Fields is an important creator of ambient music that deserves to be widely appreciated.  It is my hope that with each new release, Three Fields gains a greater footing within the ambient communities of fans who love such music.

Release Date: June 21, 2013
Label: Self-released
Availability: DD

–Matt Rowe

By MARowe

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  1. similar and very agreeable vein as intermediary works by patrick o’hearn. make a physical product, and i’ll purchase it.

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