After a hiatus of approximately 11 years, the core of Mediavolo has reunited to release a new album. For quite some time, we have missed the beautiful vocals of Géraldine Le Cocq, along with her haunting songs as first heard on their hypnotic debut, A Secret Sound (2006). With the latest release of Away Within, Mediavolo has evocatively recaptured the shoegaze-y sound and vocal qualities of the previous three albums, and updated them with a stronger sound without abandoning the original sound.

Away Within has ten new tracks. Away Within is shaped by the strength of the musical direction that comes via Jacques Henry, along with enticing lyrics that tell doesn’t simply tell stories but rather asks intense questions about human intentions. There is anger; there are questions; and there is concern for the way that we interact with each other.

Musically, Away Within fits the broad spectrum of indie music with its explorative collection. Strong tracks include the single-esqe “Walk Out”, the entrancing “Moving Out”, the strength of “Rage”, and the Pop essence of “I Really Do Wonder”. With such a good collection of tracks, Away Within delivers what Mediavolo fans want from the band and does it well.

Let me tell you, A Secret Sound is no easy album to eclipse. The songs on that album are full of beautiful strength and lyrical essence that cannot be ignored. But with Away Within, the time away since their third album has revitalized the band. Away Within still doesn’t eclipse A Secret Sound, but then it really doesn’t try to. It works well enough to stand on its own while pointing to the future, a future we should expect.

To date, Mediavolo has not disappointed fans. Their four albums are a strong body of songs that stretch like thread, one album to the other. It is hoped that they continue with music and not wait as long next time around.

All Mediavolo albums can be heard and purchased on their bandcamp page here.

By MARowe