Mosaic is well along in the music career of Jann Klose, an NYC-based singer-songwriter, who with this new album, has released six total albums including two EPs.  And as with most solo artists, his craft gets better as the albums come out.  Of course, while that may not be true of everyone, it’s certainly true of Jann Klose.


Mosaic, released on June 25 (2013), contains ten songs, one a beautiful cover of Tim Buckley’s “Song To The Siren”.  Beginning with “Make It Better”, a rousing call to action, it also reminds the listener that Jann Klose has an interest in a better world.  It’s not his only socially conscious song on the album.  He also adds “Know What’s Right”, and sequences it right after the opening song of the same kind. He wants you to know that we can all make a difference.  And while I have little faith in humanity as a progressive species in terms of getting along and eradicating the ills of society, I admire his contributions to help excite a better place for us all.

But Jann Klose isn’t about the world solely.  He also has a romantic side, sometimes with a sadness.  “Falling Tears”, “Still”, “The Long Goodbye”, “Beautiful One” (which features the vocals of Carrie Newcomer), and “On and On” all represent the emotional sides of Klose. Musically, Mosaic is a tasteful blend of Pop, Blues, and Jazz, as well as the etchings of several other styles of music that doesn’t entirely take the song over but makes its presence known.  This underscores the wider ranges of Klose’s song-craft and his ability to combine a wealth of musical interests with his lyrics.    Mosaic also showcases a diversity of instrumental blends to great effects.

In truth, Mosaic is an aptly titled collection of song explorations that come in from different directions.  As they come together to form the body of the album, they merge into a “mosaic” of expert song-craft, combined with an endearing voice, and a genuine feel for those things that become his songs.

If you haven’t heard Jann Klose before, Mosaic represents an excellent start with a rich back catalog to explore after you have well immersed yourself with his latest album.

Release Date: June 25, 2013
Label: People Records
Availability: CD, DD

–Matt Rowe

By MARowe