Willie Nile American RideBack in the early ’80s, when Arista Records meant anything, Willie Nile released a magnificent debut that energized the Americana folk-rock (‘n’ roll) genre with songs of excellence.  He followed that self-titled debut with another album just a year later, proving that he wasn’t a big city cat taking a one-time only stroll down the big streets of New York City.

Rock lost him right after that second album until almost a decade later.  Some four albums later, it seems that the New Millennium has been quite welcoming to Willie Nile.  Following up his 2010 release, The Innocent Ones, Willie Nile  releases his latest, American Ride.

WillieNileAmerican Ride continues all things notably Willie Nile.  The twelve songs on this Loud & Proud release delivers a collection of rock that will not disappoint.  From the courageous lyrics of the fun rockin’ “Holy War”, to the balladry of “The Crossing” , the independently recorded American Ride is a refreshing album from a classic veteran in this New Millennium’s sea of usually forgettable music.

American Ride is best described as being pure Nile.  I don’t how best to say it.  If you have run across any of his music, then you know what he is musically capable of.  His song-craft is able;  his musicianship pure American rock and roll in the vein of John Mellencamp.

American Ride can be a restorative album if you let it.  Gas up and take the long ride.  You deserve it.

Release Date: June 25, 2013
Label: Loud & Proud
Availability: CD

–Matt Rowe

By MARowe