ld.11183Recently, I alerted the readers of TAP to Lightning Dust, an off-shoot band from Vancouver’s extra awesome band, Black Mountain.  With the album arriving on June 25 via Jagjaguwar Records, and Lightning Dust (Amber Webber, Joshua Wells), we get an early listen to the entire production courtesy of Google Play and Pitchfork, who hosts the re-playable stream.  (Thanks!)

Anyone who is familiar with the harder-edged Rock and Roll of mothership band, Black Mountain, will recognize the unique and awesome vocals of Amber Webber, who comes off like a modern day Grace Slick.  Her partner in music, Joshua Wells, who provides his multi-instrumental skills (drums, piano, guitars) fills in the the rest.

Fantasy starts out with the well-sequenced track, “Diamond”, which is an excellent lead off single for an otherwise varied album that comfortably and wonderfully explores several sides of the two musicians.  Amber Webber’s desired goth-styled songs are heard on “Moon”, and “Agatha”, while Joshua Wells’ intended musical minimalism is discerned throughout the new album.

lightning-dust“Mirror” brings a Pop feel and rhythm to what isn’t always Pop throughout the album.  It would also be a great choice for single number two!  “Fire Me Up” slips back into the style of “Diamond” (that perfect opening track), while “Fire, Flesh and Bone” gets as close to Black Mountain as is possible for this band to get.  Fantasy closes with a gothic mix that splits the differences of all the styles you will hear on this album in one tune, “Never Again”.

Fantasy is a damn fine third album from this band, whose previous two issues have been quite satisfactory all by themselves.  Fantasy is a nice mix of several Pop styles that will have your head wrapped around it.  In a time of natural ability to fill a physical CD with 13 or 14 songs, it’s nice to note that Josh and Amber kept the album to a slim ten tracks.

Go ahead, stream the album (click here).  Then buy it if you like it.  Fantasy is a fine, fine album.

Release Date: June 25, 2013
Label: Jagjaguwar Records
Availability: CD, DD, LP

–Matt Rowe

By MARowe