ready-to-die-iggy-stoogesThe details are sketchy for this new album. But then again, we’re dealing with Iggy and The Stooges. The last time that moniker was used, Raw Power graced the worldwide stage. It went on to fame as one of the great albums of all time. Released in 1973, I remember seeing this album displayed on cardboard stand-up holders. Filled with LPs heralding the arrival of Raw Power, the carrier underscored the impending change in music toward a rougher edge. And frankly, nothing at the time played rougher than Iggy and The Stooges’ essential Raw Power.

Iggy and The Stooges will be releasing their newest album, Ready to Die, on April 30. As I’ve stated, the details of the upcoming album are sketchy. But several things can be counted on: the fiery guitars of James Williamson; original Stooge Scott Asheton’s manic drumming; and Mike Watt completing the role once filled by original Stooge Ron Asheton, who traded his guitars for bass on Raw Power. Additionally, Iggy Pop will bring his STILL impossible rock show mania. If you’ve viewed the 2005 DVD Live at The Avenue B, you’ve witnessed a brand of rock and roll that rarely gets performed. Iggy is good for it. Even at 65 years of age, nothing seems to slow down Iggy Pop.

And so, with the now anticipated return of Iggy and The (almost complete) Stooges, many fans are going to receive a gift that they may have thought would never materialize. Ready to Die will be released by the cutting edge independent label, Fat Possum.

Tell you what. I’m betting masterpiece. For now, savor the mystery.

Iggy and the Stooges Scarecrow from Fat Possum Records on Vimeo.

By MARowe

One thought on “Release Pieces: Iggy & The Stooges To Release Ready To Die”
  1. Are you forgetting the previous reunion album, The Weirdness, from 2007? Or doesn’t that one count because 1) it was simply billed as “The Stooges”, not “Iggy & the Stooges”, 2) it featured original guitarist Ron Asheton or 3) it wasn’t as good as was hoped for?

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