LegacyVaultHere’s something new for your collecting spirit.  Legacy Recordings have launched a new project that can potentially open up long out-of-print albums of music from even the most obscure of Sony music artists.  Dubbed the Legacy Vault, this forum allows for you to provide your input and suggestions in a voting procedure that could have a desired album being made available digitally for your enjoyment.

Accessible at LegacyRecordingsVault.com, this new site can become a template for other labels to follow to finally make lost music completely available to the fan, where it belongs in the first place.  Hey…music was made for fans, right?  Certainly, all these recordings should not be in some unattainable state.

Hopefully, with the Legacy Vault, fans of all kinds can soon possess that out of reach album.  Head on over to the vault and join in the forums.  Vote for albums already suggested, or begin your own campaign.  The forums found at the site are designed to be open and free-form thus encouraging.

Currently, there are over thirty titles on the list.  If you agree with them, vote and help their possibility of release.  Start your own and argue the need for your suggestion to see the light of day once again.

I’m excited about the possibilities of Legacy Vault.

By MARowe

6 thoughts on “Legacy Recordings’ New Legacy Vault”
  1. Before they do all that how about some doing something with the catalogs of artists they have on their roster like continuing The Psychedelic Furs back catalog expanded reissues or remastering/expanding the Sade back catalog with b-sides,mixes from those albums?

  2. Excellent. In these times, if nothing else, people should be able to download albums (at a nominal charge) that aren’t available to buy anywhere else. There shouldn’t be any album that isn’t available somewhere, in some format from a legitimate source.

  3. Nice idea… Too bad you have to be on Facebook, or some other crap “social media” platform to be able to offer up any suggestions on the site.

    I have plenty of good ideas, and stuff that was actually on Columbia or the other labels Sony owns (people are suggesting stuff like Buckingham Nicks on there, stuff that Sony never had rights to and never will). Oh well. I’ll hope for the best and that this will be the start of great things for music lovers.

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