SmokeFairiesBloodSpeaksI listen to a lot of music.  And there’s not too much out there these days (in the way of new music) that catches my attention and causes me to spend some quality time with the entire album even going backwards to catch up on previous releases.  However, I was sent a PR notice concerning a UK Folk duo, Smoke Fairies (odd name, that) and, for the life of me, the music just caught and enticed me to go the whole route.  And I did.

There is an awful lot that can be said about this band.  Their music speaks of folk days gone by, reminiscent of many classic artists of the past.  However, their presentation is as modern as it gets.  Incorporating their own unique style, Smoke Fairies are the creators of something special that should have your complete attention.

Jessica Davies, and Katherine Blamire, High School pals from their Sussex days, make of the heated core that is Smoke Fairies.  With a dip into psychedelia, and a New Orleans’ swamp style from their years in the storied city, all bound together by the heart of the loved folk style, this band has plenty of folk magic to give you.

Smoke Fairies pc Malchick VoshartPhoto by Machick Volshart

Their latest album, Blood Speaks (currently out in the UK, soon to be released in the US), is a stunning blend of ten extraordinary tracks.  Songs like “Daylight”, “Blood Speaks”, and the rocker, “The Three Of Us”, help make Blood Speaks a musical experience that you may not have enjoyed fully in quite some time.

But Blood Speaks isn’t the only thing from the band to excite your musical nerves.  There is still their debut release, Through Low Light and Trees, to feats on.

Smoke Fairies are a truly excellent band that are definitely worth your attention.  If I were you, I’d check them out.  A visit to their website will net you a free MP3.  Helluva deal if you ask me.

By MARowe

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