There seems to be a strong uptick in the re-releases of older titles as well as the issuance of new titles in vinyl LPs this year.  Depending on where you stand in LP love, this news could make you happy…or you could care less.  Regardless of your current stance in LP issuance, these titles are expected over the next few months:

Volcano Records in conjunction with Legacy Recordings will re-release another 311 title, Music (1993).  Soundsystem (1999) has already been re-released on vinyl April 17.  Music is slated for May 22.

RCA Records will release the new Kris Allen album, Thank You Camellia, with a planned release date of May 22.

Epic Records plan the LP issue of the new crazily titled Fiona Apple album on June 19 (same date as the CD, standard and Deluxe).  The crazy title?  The Idler Wheel Is Wiser Than The Driver Of The Screw And Whipping Cords Will Serve You More Than Ropes Will Ever Do.  Yes.  If you plan on buying this album, I DARE you to ask for it by its full name.

Epic Records will release The Money Store by Death Grips on May 22.

Columbia will reissue Raw Power from Iggy and the Stooges on May 22.  Also being planned for May 22 of classic titles include Pearl from Janis Joplin (Columbia Records), Transformer, and Rock and Roll Animal from Lou Reed (RCA Records), Ozzy Live featuring Ozzy Osbourne (Epic Records), and Horses by Patti Smith (Columbia Records).  Not a bad selection of goodies I might say.

Graceland (25th Anniversary Edition) by Paul Simon will be release on vinyl LP with a scheduled date of June 5.

Uncle Tupelo fans have three titles on vinyl coming on May 22.  These Columbia classics include March 16-20, 1992 (1992); No Depression (1990), and Still Feel Gone (1991).

Coming back to CDs, DVDs, and other things, it’s important to know that Epic Records and Legacy Recordings plan a 3CD/1DVD definitive box set for Heart, which will be called Strange Euphoria, and is scheduled for release everywhere on June 5.  The set will offer not only the hits from the band, but will also collect demos, live recordings, and some rarities.  In addition to the three CDs, the box set will contain a DVD that offers a KWSU (The Second Ending featuring Heart) program from 1976.  The personally curated (by the Wilson sisters) will contain an invaluable (and essential) booklet with track by track annotations, photos, credits, anecdotes and commentaries from both Ann and Nancy.  The track-list follows:

Heart – Strange Euphoria – track listing:

CD 1
1. Through Eyes And Glass (by Ann Wilson & The Daybreaks)
2. Magic Man (demo)*
3. How Deep It Goes (demo)*
4. Crazy On You (demo)*
5. Dreamboat Annie (Fantasy Child) + Dreamboat Annie Reprise (edit)*
6. Love Alive
7. Sylvan Song
8. Dream Of The Archer
9. White Lightning And Wine (live at the Aquarius)*
10. Barracuda (live from BBC Radio Concert)*
11. Little Queen
12. Kick It Out
13. Here Song (demo)*
14. Heartless (demo)*
15. Dog & Butterfly (acoustic demo)*
16. Straight On
17. Nada One

CD 2
1. Bebe le Strange
2. Silver Wheels II
3. Even It Up
4. Sweet Darlin’
5. City’s Burning
6. Angels
7. Love Mistake
8. Lucky Day (demo)*
9. Never (live, with John Paul Jones)*
10. These Dreams
11. Nobody Home
12. Alone
13. Wait For An Answer
14. Unconditional Love (demo)*
15. High Romance (demo)*
16. Under The Sky (demo)*
17. Desire Walks On (“Beach demo” version)*

CD 3
1. Kiss (by The Lovemongers)
2. Sand (live) (by The Lovemongers)
3. Everything (live) (by Nancy Wilson)
4. She Still Believes (live)*
5. Any Woman’s Blues (demo) (with the Seattle Blues Revue Horns)*
6. Strange Euphoria
7. Boppy’s Back (demo)*
8. Friend Meets Friend (live)  (by The Lovemongers)*
9. Love Or Madness (live) *
10. Skin To Skin*
11. Fallen Ones
12. Enough
13. Lost Angel (live)
14. Little Problems, Little Lies (by Ann Wilson)
15. Queen City
16. Hey You
17. Avalon (Reprise)

* previously unreleased

KWSU “The Second Ending – featuring Heart” program
circa February-March 1976

1. Pre Show
2. Heartless
3. White Lightning & Wine
4. Dreamboat Annie
5. Silver Wheels
6. Crazy On You
7. Sing Child
8. Soul Of The Sea
9. Devil Delight
10. Magic Man

Ipecac Recordings plan a release of Laborintus II from Mike Patton, and Luciano Berio, scheduling for July 3.

Hip-O Select will release Renaissance (1973) with Do It Baby (1974) from The Miracles (with Billy Griffin) on June 26.

By MARowe