I regret the Bruce Springsteen post.  My posting of this was merely motivated by the fun it might bring to a musical discussion in a different bent than what we’re normally used to.  A shaking it up a bit post.

It began as a thought stemming from a letter written in RS in response to the Jon Stewart interview with Springsteen.  I found it interesting and thought…I don’t know what I thought.  But I was wrong to do it.  And so, while I think I should maintain a “I posted it; I’ll live with it” rule, I was tempted to take it down earlier.  Nevertheless, I decided to keep it up as a “remember, thou shalt not post any post with political side-streams”.  Unless a hacker pulls it out of existence, of course.

So, let this stand as my official apology to the readers of TAP.  There shalt no more be any politics within the pages of TAP…for ANY reason.

Let’s listen, instead, to The Black Angels (see tomorrow’s post, politics-free!).

By MARowe