A noted – and prominent – DD reissue is on the calendar and deserves to be noted here.  I note it largely because, for now, it is only listed as a Digital release.  But I’m betting that this  title will see CD reissue shortly announced.  It is:

Geffen has a 40th Anniversary Edition of Neil Diamond‘s famed Hot August Night (first released on December 9, 1972) on the schedule for June 26.

Let’s wait and see where this one takes us.  Right now, we’re just CD speculatin’.

The addition of Uncle Meat (1969), which will increase the stakes for a complete Frank Zappa upgrade (not yet fully realized…yet), will certainly be a welcome add to an already burgeoning list of Zappa classics.  On the schedule for June 26, Uncle Meat brings hope for the rest of the unannounced FZ titles.

Polydor Records plan the US release of a UK issue, a 2CD The Essential Collection featuring music by ABBA, with a scheduled CD and DD release date set for June 12.

I think this smidgen of potentially BIG news adds a bit of sunshine to this upcoming weekend.  Don’t you?

By MARowe

3 thoughts on “TAPSheet: Release Notes – 04/27/2012 – US Report”
  1. I believe Friday Music is doing a vinyl version of the Neil Diamond record this summer.

  2. I have an Uncle Meat CD it has about 40 minutes of extra crap trax does this one have that too?Please no!

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