On June 5, Patti Smith will break her creative silence with a new album, Banga.  Banga is an enticing and long-awaited 12-track effort that will have long-time Patti Smith fans in anticipation of what new music she adds to her enduring legacy.  Being slated for release on Columbia Records, Banga will feature Lenny Kaye, Tony Shanahan, and Jay Dee Daugherty.  In addition, the band welcomes Tom Verlaine (Television) as a featured guest.

The lead-off track, “April Fool” is currently out.  Having heard it I have to say that I’m refreshingly intrigued by the sound of the song.  It’s a song with a more Pop feel yet with classic Smith undercurrents running through it especially with the guitars heard near the end.  “April Fool” doesn’t take long at all to become entrenched in your mind, where it replays constantly.  It is classic, even with its light-hearted lyrical fare from the girl who stormed our hearts’ walls with Horses way back in the ’70s.

I wasn’t endeared by Twelve, her last album filled with notable covers.  But I’m ready for her re-entrance now.  It’s been eight long years.

Welcome back, Patti.  I’m already in line for this album.

“Come, be my April Fool…Come, we’ll break all the rules”

1. Amerigo
2. Fuji-san
3. April Fool
4. This is the Girl
5. Banga
6. Maria
7. Tarkovsky (The Second Stop is Jupiter)
8. Mosaic
9. Nine
10. Seneca
11. Constantine’s Dream
12. After the Gold Rush

By MARowe

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  1. I have always liked Patti Smith’s attitude but have never successfully found a way “into” her music. I read and loved her memoir JUST KIDS, but still haven’t been able to crack this particular code. Is there a good place to start with her? A particular disc someone recommends for the person looking to learn appreciation for Patti?

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