Lycia is the art of Mike VanPortfleet, Tara Vanflower, and David Galas. To date, they are the MOST underrated band in the history of Rock. With a unique sound that is still unreplicated, Lycia is not only suited to their singular brand of music, but they should have already had more than a dozen movie soundtracks under their collective belts by now. What Tangerine Dream was to electronic ambience and to movie soundtracks, Lycia is to ethereal music and could be to movie soundtracks. (Movie producers, you’re missing a valuable asset to your film art here!) To date, Lycia has eleven albums of music available.

On December 15, Avantgarde Music (Italy) will reissue one of the band’s best releases – The Burning Circle And Then Dust. Originally released in 1995, the album enjoyed a wave of popularity with their single, “Pray”. For the first time ever, The Burning Circle And Then Dust will be released on limited edition vinyl LPs in several formats. This reissue features new remastering to provide the best quality sound for this classic. The album was originally released via Projekt Records.

The Burning Circle And Then Dust will be released on 2CD, DD, and on three separate color sets that include VERY Limited Edition pressings of 3LP Standard black (100 copies), 3LP Neon Orange vinyl (200 copies), and 3LP Gold vinyl (200 copies). You can pre-order at this link.

The Burning Circle And Then DustLycia

01 A Presence In The Woods
02 Wandering Soul
03 The Dust Settles (Part 1)
04 Sleepless
05 The Dust Settles (Part 2)
06 The Return Of Nothing
07 The Dust Settles (Part 3)
08 Pray
09 The Better Things To Come
10 On The Horizon
11 Where Has All The Time Gone?
12 Silence And Distance
13 Anywhere But Home
14 In The Fire And Flames
15 Slip Away
16 The Last Day

01 August (Part 1)
02 Nine Hours Later
03 Nimble
04 August (Part 2)
05 The Facade Fades
06 Resigned
07 Surrender
08 These Memories Pass
09 The Burning Circle
10 The New Day

By MARowe