Wishbone Ash made the name for themselves with three releases in the early ’70s including Argus (recently celebrated with a 50th Anniversary Box). After their fourth set (the underappreciated Wishbone Four), they released what has gone on to be recognized as one of the great live albums in Rock – Live Dates (1973). Now in its 50th year, the double album of Live Dates, which SHOULD have been physically celebrated with my proposed 50th Anniversary celebration reissue (here), will be remembered, albeit in a different way.

On September 29, the current iteration of Wishbone Ash (with Andy Powell sans Martin Turner, Ted Turner, and Steve Upton) will help celebrate this remarkable album with a new release featuring the original track list order. Live Dates Live will be released via the SPV/Steamhammer label. The reproduction replay of the classic by the current band was performed at Daryl’s House Club in Pawling, New York.

Live Dates Live will be issued on CD, DD, and three versions of vinyl that include 2LP Purple color, 2LP Black, and 2LP Yellow. You can pre-order here.

Live Dates LiveWishbone Ash
01 The King Will Come
02 Warrior
03 Throw Down The Sword
04 Rock n Roll Widow
05 Ballad Of The Beacon
06 Baby What You Want Me To Do
07 The Pilgrim
08 Blowin’ Free
09 Jailbait
10 Lady Whiskey
11 Phoenix

By MARowe