Atlanta Rhythm Section (or ARS) formed in the early ’70s. But it wasn’t until “So In To You” hit the airwaves that the band hit Gold status. The album, A Rock And Roll Alternative, led to the band’s biggest selling album, Champagne Dreams, which generated hits in “Imaginary Lover”, and “I’m Not Going To Let It Bother Me Tonight”, leading to the coveted Platinum designation.

On August 4, Sunset Blvd Records will release a 2CD collection of deep cuts and unreleased ARS tracks, and a hefty amount of live performance tracks from 1977 through 1996. Although the band had a short-lived period of interest from listeners with two Gold albums and the previously mentioned Platinum set, they actually released 14 albums, five of them before they hit the big times.

The 2CD set will be known as Time Machine with 32 tracks in all. Some of the songs found on Time Machine date back to the embryonic ARS band known as The Candymen before they officially became Atlanta Rhythm Section.

Time MachineAtlanta Rhythm Section (ARS)

CD1 (Studio Recordings)
01 Georgia Pines (The Candymen)
02 Lonely Eyes (The Candymen)
03 Stormy (Noah’s Ark)
04 Love Me Just A Little (Sometime)
05 Will I Live On?
06 Alien (Acoustic)
07 Stone Cold Hit (Previously Unreleased)
08 High Time (Previously Unreleased)
09 Longing For A Feeling (Previously Unreleased)
10 Sleep With One Eye Opened (Justo Vocal)
11 What’s Up Wid Dat? (Previously Unreleased)
12 You Ain’t Seen Nothing
13 I Don’ Want To Grow Old Alone (Hammond Vocal)
14 Voodoo (Acoustic)
15 Long Distance Love (Previously Unreleased)
16 Conversation (Hammond & Justo Vocal)
17 When (Previously Unreleased)
18 Two Note Boogie (Previously Unreleased)

CD2 (Live Performance Recordings)
01 Back Up Against The Wall (Atlanta ’78)
02 Sky High (Pittsburgh ’77)
03 Homesick (NYC ’81)
04 Champagne Jam (Tokyo ’78)
05 Jukin’ (Munich ’83)
06 Large Time (Munich ’83)
07 Angel (Pittsburgh ’77)
08 I’m Not Gonna Let It Bother Me Tonight (Tokyo ’78)
09 Jam (Atlanta ’78)
10 Spooky (Tokyo ’78)
11 Boogie Smoogie (Cleveland ’78)
12 Mixed Emotions (Atlanta ’96)
13 Imaginary Lover (NYC ’96)
14 So In To You (London ’78)

By MARowe