The magic of Carly Simon is heartily encapsulated within the body of her first three albums found on Elektra Records. Begun in 1972, Carly Simon and her pairing with Elektra made her the focal point of label owner, Jac Holzman, who helped to work hard and make Carly a household name. That was accomplished in full vigor with the release of No Secrets in 1972. Carly Simon enjoyed a healthy career with 21 studio album, not including her excellent acoustic re-recordings of some of her songs.

On September 15, Rhino Entertainment rounds up a collection of excellent Carly Simon tracks adding in an outtake and an audition tape track. The new collection is appropriately called These Are The Good Old Days, which completely concentrates on Carly Simon‘s first three classic albums (Carly Simon – 1971, Anticipation – 1971, No Secrets – 1972) . With that, These Are The Good Old Days can add in worthy tracks that might otherwise been ignored (like “His Friends Are More Than Fond Of Robin”). I’m ALL in for this set!

These Are The Good Old Days: The Carly Simon & Jac Holzman Story will be released on CD (with 20 tracks), DD, and 2LP (black vinyl and also 20 tracks). A included booklet is expected to be gracious with new notes and photos. All studio recordings are newly remastered for this release. A song from this new set is in release. You can listen to the 2023 remaster of the included outtake “Angel From Montgomery” below.

These Are The Good Old Days: The Carly Simon & Jac Holzman StoryCarly Simon
01 Anticipation
02 It Was So Easy
03 Alone (Audition Tape 1970)
04 The Best Thing
05 Dan, My Fling
06 I’ve Got to Have You
07 The Love’s Still Growing
08 Summer’s Coming Around Again
09 Our First Day Together
10 Embrace Me, You Child
11 Legend In Your Own Time
12 That’s the Way I’ve Always Heard It Should Be
13 The Carter Family
14 Angel From Montgomery (Outtake)
15 Julie Through The Glass
16 His Friends Are More Than Fond of Robin
17 Reunions
18 The Right Thing to Do
19 We Have No Secrets
20 You’re So Vain

By MARowe