Al Stewart has enjoyed a good career since the breakout of his Year Of The Cat album, which issued back in 1976. Previous to that album, Al Stewart enjoyed moderate successes with six sets, each doing better than the last. His breakthrough success lasted easily through three more albums before New Wave entered the picture and slowed the progress of many ’70s hit-makers. All in all, Al Stewart has created 16 excellent folk/rock-based albums.

On September 8, the folks at Real Gone Music and Second Disc Records will release a compilation of radio hits by Al Stewart in a collection cleverly titled Songs On The Radio. The set will include a collection of 21 US singles stretching from 1974 to 1981. Also included within the admirable set will be the UK single version of “Year Of The Cat”. This will draw from Past Present and Future (1973), Modern Times (1975), Year Of The Cat (1976), Time Passages (1978), and 24 Carrots (1980). A 20-page booklet will add photos, credits, notes, and a new essay from Joe Marchese (yay, Joe!).

Songs On The Radio: The Complete U.S. Singles 1974-1981Al Stewart
01 Nostradamus
02 Terminal Eyes
03 Carol
04 Sirens Of Titan
05 Year Of The Cat
06 Broadway Hotel
07 On The Border
08 Flying Sorcery
09 Time Passages
10 Almost Lucy
11 Song On The Radio
12 A Man For All Seasons
13 Midnight Rocks
14 Constantinople
15 Paint By Numbers
16 Optical Illusion
17 Running Man
18 Merlin’s Time
19 Indian Summer
20 Soho (Needless To Say)
21 Year Of The Cat (UK Single Version)

By MARowe