Pat Metheny has been with us since his 1976 debut on ECM Records. He has released more than 30 albums in Pat Metheny/Pat Metheny Group/Pat Metheny Trio/ and many collaborative works. He has been quite active for much of that period. Several of his albums have gone Gold in their standings.

On June 16, Dream Box is being released via BMG Records/Modern with a collection of recorded sessions racks over the years that have not found a home on any one album. With the thought (by Metheny) that these tracks were too good to be ignored, it was decided to corral them and give them a release of their own. Dream Box is the result with 9 “new” songs. You can listen to one of the songs – “From The Mountains” – below.

Dream Box will be released on CD, DD, and vinyl LP pressed on black vinyl.

Dream BoxPat Metheny
01 The Waves Are Not the Ocean
02 From the Mountains
03 Ole & Gard
04 Trust Your Angels
05 Never Was Love
06 I Fall in Love Too Easily
07 P.C. of Belgium
08 Morning of the Carnival
09 Clouds Can’t Change the Sky

By MARowe