Aerosmith has been in the go since 1970. The release of their first album on Columbia Records was in 1973. It wasn’t until a DJ replayed “Dream On” in 1975 that the band broke through to a wider audience. Even so, Aerosmith had already released their second album, Get Your Wings (my vote for their best to date, followed by Rocks) in 1974. At that point in 1975, with the ascension of “Dream On”, their newest set, Toys In The Attic exploded and set the band into the high rungs of their career. Since, Aerosmith has released 12 more albums, and enjoyed a second career boost in 1987 with Permanent Vacation. They are still performing in 2023.

On July 14, Aerosmith will do the unusual thing by presenting new reissues of 12 of their studio and live sets, most from the Columbia Records era. There are NO bonus tracks but the songs have all been newly remastered for these 2023 releases. Most of the albums will also be released on vinyl LP. The albums set for these new reissues include Aerosmith (LP on July 14), Get Your Wings (LP on May 26), Toys In The Attic (LP on May 26), Rocks (LP on May 26), Draw The Line (LP on May 26), Aerosmith Live! Bootleg (LPs on July 21), Night In The Ruts (LP on May 26), Rock In A Hard Place (LP on July 21), Nine Lives (LP on July 21), Just Push Play (No LP scheduled), Honkin’ On Bobo (No LP scheduled), and Music From Another Dimension! (No LP scheduled).

These sets will be on CD, DD, and vinyl LPs. The LPs have variable release dates (recognized by the date in parentheses above.



By MARowe

3 thoughts on “Aerosmith Classics Get New Remasters For 2023 Reissues”
  1. Well, it has been almost 30 years since the Columbia Era albums have been remastered. Bummer there are no bonus tracks. Wonder if I should wait until then……

    1. This seems to be an emerging new trend with labels. Just release new remasters with no frills, just the album itself. Jackson Browne recently announced the same with albums that could have been grand deluxe editions. Certainly a cheaper way to deliver. For me, I’m getting the ones that mattered to me (Get Your Wings, Rocks, Draw The Line).

  2. That’s nice, but I want a new studio album that rocks hard, with high energy and macho coolness, like 1987s Permanent Vacation. Since then they’ve been on a slippery slope into less and less energy and testosterone in their music, finally culminating in 2012’s totally testosterone-free Music From Another Dimension. Steven Tyler use to sound like a metal singer on Permanent Vacation, now he sounds like the queen of soul, Aretha Franklin. She is my favorite female singer of all time, but I don’t care to hear Steven Tyler sounding like her. I prefer the yak-yak-yak-yak-yeow metal screams from Permanent Vacation. That’s still what Aerosmith is to me. But since they’ve failed to generate another cool album then I won’t be going to the Peace Out tour, and I don’t plan of buying those albums again, because frankly they’ve betrayed me and fans like me, that want something yak-yak-yak-yak-yak-yeow metal edged, high energy, fast beats, and packed full of testosterone. Peace Out Aerosmith!!!

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