And there we have it, YES fans…the full news (with cover and track list). I’ll even leave in the time of the tracks, kinda an important part of a YES song that details its scope.

On May 19, YES will release their next album. Called Mirror To The Sky, it will contain six tracks, and a separate disc with three bonus tracks. It will be released on CD, DD, vinyl 2LP, and a Deluxe Box that bundles CD, 2LP, and a Blu-ray Audio set with Dolby Atmos 5.1 Surround. A booklet is included in all sets.

YES will debut a song from the album on Friday, May 10. We will be providing that on the site, and in an edited version of this article.

Mirror To The SkyYES
01 Cut from the Stars (5:25)
02 All Connected (9:02)
03 Luminosity (9:04)
04 Living Out Their Dream (4:45)
05 Mirror to the Sky (13:53)
06 Circles of Time (4:59)
Bonus Tracks
01 Unknown Place (8:15)
02 One Second is Enough (4:04)
03 Magic Potion (4:08)

By MARowe

One thought on “YES To Release Next Album – Mirror To The Sky”
  1. * insert sound of a certain kind of breathing, as if to say “well…” * As a longtime Yes fan, there will always be a little bit of excitement at an announcement like this. But, I mean… the
    entire rhythm (of love) section I know is dead. Jon Anderson is either touring with a cover band or touring with kids depending on his mood. Rick Wakeman is being grumpy and old elsewhere. Trevor Rabin is, I assume, working on a soundtrack somewhere. And while many bands can change their lineups, even drastically, and still be considered the band they were, Yes now is… not? I don’t know. Even Jon Anderson’s “tra la la, earthspiritmother” stuff has gotten old at this point, and Jon Davison’s turn at it has felt disingenuous at best and pretty awful at worst. We’ll see…

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