Since 1970, Bruce Cockburn has issued music to the masses, With Folk as an engine, his lyrics have told countless tales of change (often not for the best), sadness, and a bit of activist alerting. But he has also given us much to be thankful and happy about, namely that he has given us more than thirty(!) albums with which to enjoy his poetic thoughts with music.

On May 12, Bruce Cockburn will release his next album, O Sun O Moon. It will contain a collection of twelve new songs, all dealing with the same kind of concern that we have come to know with his music since the beginning. And quite welcomed as always. You can enjoy the first single from the album – “Us All” – below.

O Sun O Moon will be released on CD, DD, and vinyl LP. All can be pre-ordered (here) via True North, the label responsible for much of Bruce Cockburn‘s music after the Columbia Records days.

O Sun O MoonBruce Cockburn
01 On a Roll
02 Orders
03 Push Come To Shove
04 Colin Went Down To The Water
05 Into The Now
06 Us All
07 To Keep The World We Know
08 King Of The Bolero
09 When The Spirit Walks Into The Room
10 Haiku
11 O Sun By Day O Moon By Night
12 When You Arrive

By MARowe