Since the late ’60s and into the ’70s, Cat Stevens held us in thrall to his folk-styled songs of peace, love, and outlook. With those insightful and often beautiful lyrics, he released 11 albums, most of them best-sellers with strings of singles to accompany them. There were 15 world-wide best-selling singles released, “Peace Train” and “Morning Has Broken” among them. He stopped for a period before returning as Yusuf Islam, Then Yusuf, and now Yusuf/Cat Stevens. He has issued another 17 albums under those various names.

On June 16, Yusef/Cat Stevens will release a new album to be called King Of A Land. The new album will contain 12 new tracks. The album tells a story and is illustrated within a 36-page booklet packed in with the CD.

King Of A Land will issue via CD, DD, and vinyl LP (Limited Edition Green, and likely Black standard. All release via BMG Recordings. Listen to the first song from the album – “Take The World Apart” below.

King Of A LandYusuf/Cat Stevens
01 Train on a Hill
02 King of a Land
03 Pagan Run
04 He is True
05 All Nights, All Days
06 Another Night in the Rain
07 Things
08 Son of Mary
09 Highness
10 The Boy Who Knew How to Climb Walls
11 How Good It Feels
12 Take the World Apart

By MARowe