Formed in 1979 but only in existence until 1985, Hanoi Rocks had done well with the release of five studio sets. With the death of their drummer in the highly publicized DWI event with Vince Neil of Motley Crue, the band left to do other things. Oriental Beats, the band’s second album was released in 1982, and while it was well-received, the mix did not meet with the approval of the band. As things go, the original masters were lost. Recently, the masters were found and the guys from Hanoi Rocks set about to remix it in the way they felt gave the album the power it should have had in the beginning.

On March 17, Oriental Beats will be reissued in a 40th Anniversary package. It will feature a brand new mix supervised by the band. The original album was mixed to “Sound like Spandau Ballet”. And while that may have been sufficient for the fan base, it was not for the band. They are quite happy to be able to present Oriental Beats in the way they actually expected the album to materialize.

The newly mixed 40th Anniversary of Oriental Beats will be reissued on CD, DD, and vinyl LP via Svart Records. Svart Records will sell exclusive color vinyl presses in both Blue vinyl , and Red vinyl editions via their website (here).

Oriental Beats: 40th Anniversary – The Re(al) Mix 21st Century EditionHanoi Rocks
01 Oriental Beat
02 Motorvatin’
03 No Law Or Order
04 Teenangels Outsiders
05 Sweet Home Suburbia
06 MC Baby
07 Visitor
08 Don’t Follow Me
09 Lightnin’ Bar Blues
10 Devil Woman
11 Fallen Star

By MARowe