The new album from Black Belt Eagle Scout hits the band’s high (thus far) for their three albums (Mother of My Children – 2017, At The Party With My Brown Friends – 2019, The Land, The Water, The Sky – 2023). The band is primarily Katherine Paul, an American Indian who can create a Rock standard with the best of them, and who can create deeply spiritual songs like few can. All of those are amply evident on the band’s latest set – The Land, The Water, The Sky.

The album starts out with several strong Alternative Rock tracks that might have you thinking upon first hearing, okay, I’ve heard songs like this before. But as you track through the third (“Salmon Stinta”), the approach is much more mellow. It approaches the heavenly heights of beauty and spirituality as you immerse yourself in the cello, violin, and expertly picked guitar song. The words, the haunting “ha-oh, ha-oh-ooo”, and the music are meditative quality. (“Salmon Stinta” beautifully soundtracked a moving scene in the Season 2, Episode 10 of Reservation Dogs.)

Katherine Paul has a remarkable vocal quality that remains with you. But it’s not just the voice, it’s the songcraft that stands out so significantly. With the rest of the twelve songs that make up the whole of the album, there’s an Americana feeling throughout. “On The River” stands with a folk style guitar. If you want Alternative Rock with the flavoring of Mazzy Star, you can trust this album. If you appreciate a spiritual reach, you can trust this set. If you want an album that’s hitting all the rungs throughout its play, you can trust this music. 

The Land, The Water, The Sky is a stand-out set by an exemplary band that understands the ropes of the alternative style, but who can change it up and reach far, far deeper into your heart than you might have thought possible.

Personally, I wish to thank Katherine Paul for this excellent album. But, I also wanted you to know about it. The Land, The Water, The Sky was officially released on February 10 (2023).

By MARowe