For well over 50 years, Bruce Cockburn has entertained fans with a strong collection of albums that includes time with True North (mostly), Columbia Records, and Rounder Records. His brand of deeply thought-out lyrics made accessible by a grand blend of Folk and Rock has made him a long-term favorite of his many fans, many who still purchase his newest albums as they release. Because they still hold gems within. 

The latest album by Bruce Cockburn is titled O Sun O Moon. It contains 12 brilliant tracks of thought that we have come to expect from him.  His inspirations have come from all over the spectrum of the world. They include politics, love, and the human enigma, a concept that he works with over many of his albums.

By now, fans are well aware of what to expect from Bruce Cockburn in terms of the kind of style they’ll be getting. They come for the introspection. His gift for crafting perfect lyrics from his musings and creating vehicles that ride nicely into our own minds make the music of O Sun O Moon a perfect new set of songs. With this new set, Bruce explores the change of climate in “To Keep The World We Know” (enjoy below), and looks at the human soul in “On A Roll” (enjoy below). He explores spirituality in “When The Spirit Walks Into The Room”, and tells a story with “Colin Walked Down To The Water”. “Haiku” continues his interest in instrumental pieces.

With O Sun O Moon, you will get EXACTLY what gifts you’d expect from Bruce Cockburn, The difference is that the songs are new and as brilliantly constructed as ever. Bruce Cockburn is a timeless artist and O Sun O Moon displays that with stunning colors of the spectrum of life. He is a rare talent that continues to deliver! O Sun O Moon instills a lovely peaceful feeling within me; I suspect it will do the same for you.

O Sun O MoonBruce Cockburn
01 On a Roll
02 Orders
03 Push Come to Shove
04 Colin Went Down to the Water
05 Into the Now
06 Us All
07 To Keep the World We Know
08 King of the Bolero
09 When the Spirit Walks in the Room
10 Haiku
11 O Sun by Day O Moon by Night
12 When You Arrive

By MARowe