Brian Eno, long an innovator of sound in our musical ambient world, released his latest album, FOREVERANDEVERNOMORE in October of 2022. It contained vocals adding to his short list of albums with vocals included. As thoughtful as the album with lyrics is, especially as it thinks about life in every corner, and the threats of our governed lives as it mechanizes with more and more gears, one can’t help but wonder about the pure ambience of it. Wonder no more.

In a Record Store Day promise, Brian Eno will re-release FOREVERANDEVERNOMORE as a stripped set, void of all vocals. The new set will be renamed to Forever Voiceless. The new album will be exclusively released on crystal clear vinyl and will be given life on DD as well. Mark your calendars for April 22 should you be wildly interested in new Eno ambience. The song titles have been slightly modified to provide uniqueness.

Forever VoicelessBrian Eno
Side A
01 A Thought
02 And Let It In
03 Who Are We
04 Crystal Light
05 Inclusion

Side B
01 Bells Above
02 Chéri
03 Hardly Me
04 Small Noise
05 Silence

By MARowe