Virgin Prunes joined the post-punk fray in the early ’80s. They were renowned for their stage shows and eventually released their debut album on Rough Trade. The album was called …If I Die, I Die. Issued in 1982, they caught the interests of critics and started a slow rise. But as will often happen, Virgin Prunes disbanded after a short while just after their second album. They later reformed as Prunes without original mainstay Gavin Friday.

On December 2, BMG will revisit Virgin Prunes with a 40th Anniversary Edition for …If I Die, I Die. The classic album will be featured as a new remaster, and will add previously unreleased tracks to the package. A booklet will accompany all sets.

…If I Die, I Die will be reissued on 2CD (with 28-page booklet, Mediabook form), DD, and vinyl LP transparent vinyl (with 16-page booklet, art card, in Limited Edition Special Finish Gatefold Sleeve).

Virgin Prunes…If I Die, I Die

CD1 (Original Album Remastered)
01 Ulakanakulot
02 Decline and Fall
03 Sweethome Under White Clouds
04 Bau-Dachöng
05 Baby Turns Blue
06 Ballad of the Man
07 Walls of Jericho
08 Caucasian Walk
09 Theme for Thought

CD2 (Bonus Tracks)
01 Baby Turns Blue (Colin Newman Remix 2004)
02 Chance of a Lifetime (UK 12″)
03 Yeo (UK 12″)
04 The Faculties of a Broken Heart (What Should We Do If Baby Turns Blue) (UK 12″)
05 King of Junk (Instrumental) (Rough Mix)
06 Ballad of the Man (Rough Mix)
07 Fado (Rough Mix)
08 Bau-Dachong (Rough Mix)
09 Theme For Thought (Rough Mix)
10 Pagan Lovesong (Demo)
11 Pagan Lovesong
12 Dave-Id Is Dead
13. Pagan Lovesong (Vibeakimbo)

By MARowe