Rival Sons is a Long Beach-based rock band with six studio releases since 2009. They have gained an appreciable level of acclaim not only with their music but also their stage shows. Recently, they have announced an upcoming album for 2023.

On March 10th of 2023, Rival Sons will release their newest album. It will be called Darkfighter and will contain 8 new songs with one of them – “Nobody Wants To Die” in current release (listen below). Given the early announcement, there is ALWAYS a chance that the track list will be amended.

Darkfighter is expected on CD, DD, and while not yet announced, very likely, several issues of vinyl LP.

DarkfighterRival Sons
01 Mirrors
02 Nobody Wants To Die
03 Bird In The Hand
04 Bright Light
05 Rapture
06 Guillotine
07 Horses Breath
08 Darkside

By MARowe