Ronnie James Dio has held a strong legacy hold on Metal for quite some time. Not only was he an essential member of Black Sabbath (post-Ozzy), he was also an essence of Rainbow, the popular Ritchie Blackmore vehicle from the latter ’70s after Blackmore’s tumultuous departure from Deep Purple. When those moments were complete, Ronnie James Dio went on to further success with his own vehicle, Dio.

On September 23, Niji Entertainment (via BMG) continues its spotlight on Dio with the upcoming releases of two live Donington sets that covers the years of 1983 and 1987. The sets will feature the full live sets from both years in separate releases. Both sets of releases will deliver – in addition to the standard sets – limited lenticular art print editions producing 3000 copies only in the US. These will be known as Dio At Donington ’83, and Dio At Donington ’87. Both will be showcased over LPs and CDs.

Dio At Donington ’83, and Dio At Donington ’87 will be released on CD, Limited Edition CD (with lenticular art print included), DD, 180g-weight 2LP in black vinyl, and Limited Edition 180g-weight 2LP in black vinyl (with lenticular art print included). The 2LPs will include an etching on side 4 of the 2nd LP.

Dio At Donington ’83Dio
01 Stand Up and Shout
02 Straight Through The Heart
03 Children Of The Sea
04 Rainbow In The Dark
05 Holy Diver
06 Drum Solo
07 Stargazer
08 Guitar Solo
09 Heaven and Hell
10 Man On The Silver Mountain
11 Starstruck
12 Man On The Silver Mountain (Reprise)

Dio At Donington ’87Dio
01 Dream Evil
02 Neon Knights
03 Naked In The Rain
04 Rock ‘n’ Roll Children
05 Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll
06 The Last In Line
07 Children Of The Sea
08 Holy Diver
09 Heaven and Hell
10 Man On The Silver Mountain
11 All The Fools Sailed Away
12 The Last In Line (Reprise)
13 Rainbow In The Dark

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3 thoughts on “Two Dio At Donington Live Sets To Be Released”
  1. So on the surface, this appears to be no different to the Dio at Donnington UK: Live 1983 & 1987 2CD set released in 2010 except for packaging??? Track listings are the same.

  2. In addition to the “Donnington UK: Live 1983 & 1987” 2CD set, the 1987 show is also on “Dream Evil (Deluxe Expanded Edition)”.

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