The original Alice Cooper lineup brought an immense amount of fun to Rock and Roll from their evolutionary pathways leading to their last album, Muscle Of Love, in 1973. And while the moniker of Alice Cooper was eventually absorbed by the lead singer of the band for many solo sets, the magic of those ‘school days’ classics are still a love for many old Alice Cooper (band) fans.

Back in 2015, a record store owner convinced the band to ‘reform’ for an impromptu set that ended up as a documentary called Live From The Astroturf. This original band (minus Glen Buxton, who had passed away in 1997, but replaced here by Ryan Roxie) set put together 9 classic tunes along with onstage banter before each performance track.

On September 30, earMUSIC will release a CD/BD combo of the set. The CD will hold the audio portion while the Blu-ray disc contains the original video documentary of Live From The Astroturf. a descriptive booklet is included.

Live From The AstroturfAlice Cooper

01 The Eighth Wonder Of The World… (Intro)
02 Caught In A Dream (Michael Bruce – vocals)
03 Be My Lover
04 Whatever He’s Doing It’s Illegal (banter)
05 I’m Eighteen
06 We Haven’t Done This One In About, What, 40 Years? (banter)
07 Is It My Body
08 Threatened For A Month (banter)
09 No More Mr. Nice Guy
10 I Guess Things Are Getting Better For You (banter)
11 Under My Wheels
12. It’s A Dangerous Place To Be (banter)
13 School’s Out
14 More Fun Than It’s Supposed To Be (banter)
15 Elected (Encore!)
16 School’s Not Over Until You Vote (Outro)
17 Desperado (Soundcheck) (Instrumental Bonus-Track – Theme From The Documentary Film “Live From The Astroturf, Alice Cooper”)

01 Live From The Astroturf documentary
02 Under My Wheels (video from film)
03 Interview with Michael Bruce, Neal Smith

By MARowe