After the demise of The Clash, Joe Strummer engaged in several other musical productions including one with his The Mescaleros assembly. They released a few albums before his passing in 2002. From those years, a collection of demos, demos, and other rarity tracks alongside the band’s three albums have been treated with care and will now find a home in a new set.

On September 16, Dark Horse Records will release several iterations of a collection to be called Joe Strummer 002: The Mescalero Years. The sets will be sold in 4CD and 7LP box sets that will produce 46 tracks complete with the original albums and their extra tracks. The 4CD box will include a 72-page book that details every aspect of the band’s existence. The 7LP includes a 36-page 12″ x 12″ book. All three albums are newly remastered for the set.

The Mescalero Years will be released, as described, in 4CD, DD, and 7LP box sets. A track from these boxes is presented below.

Joe Strummer 002: The Mescalero Years – Joe Strummer/The Mescaleros

CD1 (Rock Art and the X-Ray Style)
01 Tony Adams
02 Sandpaper Blues
03 X-Ray Style
04 Techno D-Day
05 The Road to Rock ‘N’ Roll
06 Diggin’ The New
07 Nitcomb
08 Forbidden City
09 Yalla Yalla
10 Willesden To Cricklewood

CD2 (Global A Go-Go)
01 Johnny Appleseed
02 Cool’N’Out
03 Global A Go-Go
04 Bhindi Bhagee
05 Gamma Ray
06 Mega Bottle Ride
07 Shaktar Donetsk
08 Mondo Bongo
09 Bummed Out City
10 At The Border, Guy
11 Minstrel Boy (full-length version)

CD3 (Streetcore)
01 Coma Girl
02 Get Down Moses
03 Long Shadow
04 Arms Aloft
05 Ramshackle Day Parade
06 Redemption Song
07 All In A Day
08 Burnin’ Streets
09 Midnight Jam
10 Silver and Gold

CD4 (Vibes Compass)
01 Time And The Tide
02 Techno D-Day (Demo)
03 Ocean Of Dreams (feat. Steve Jones)
04 Forbidden City (Demo)
05 X-Ray Style (Demo)
06 The Road To Rock ‘N’ Roll (Demo)
07 Tony Adams (Demo)
08 Cool ‘N’Out (Demo)
09 Global A Go-Go (Demo)
10 Secret Agent Man
11 All In A Day (Demo)
12 London Is Burning
13 Get Down Moses (Outtake)
14 Fantastic
15 Coma Girl (Outtake)

By MARowe