Motörhead has long been a classic metal band. In their catalogue, they have 23 studio sets leading up to the passing of Lemmy Kilmister in 2015. The respect given the band is long-standing and surrounds much of their work including their first six studio classics that ends with Iron Fist (1982). And of course, we cannot forget the well-loved live set, No Sleep ‘Til Hammersmith from 1981.

On September 23, BMG and Sanctuary Records will honor the 40th Anniversary of Iron Fist with a reissue that includes a new remaster of the original album, a full live show recently “discovered” as a taped radio broadcast of their March 18th, 1982 at Glascow Apollo, and a collection of previously unreleased demos for Iron Fist. The 20-page booklet will contain notes, interviews, memorabilia, and unseen photos.

This reissue of Iron Fist will be delivered on 2CD (mediabook), DD, and 3LP (Black vinyl, and Limited Edition Black and Blue Swirl vinyl) packages.

Iron Fist (40th Anniversary Remaster) – Motörhead
CD1 (Original Album 2022 Remaster)
01 Iron Fist (40th Anniversary Master)
02 Heart of Stone (40th Anniversary Master)
03 I’m the Doctor (40th Anniversary Master)
04 Go to Hell (40th Anniversary Master)
05 Loser (40th Anniversary Master)
06 Sex and Outrage (40th Anniversary Master)
07 America (40th Anniversary Master)
08 Shut It Down (40th Anniversary Master)
09 Speedfreak (40th Anniversary Master)
10 (Don’t Let ‘Em) Grind Ya Down (40th Anniversary Master)
11 (Don’t Need) Religion (40th Anniversary Master)
12 Bang to Rights (40th Anniversary Master)
13 Remember Me, I’m Gone
Bonus Tracks  (Jackson Studio Demos – October 1981/Alternate Versions)
14 The Doctor (Jacksons Studio demos – October 1981)
15 Young & Crazy (Alternative version of Sex and Outrage) (Jacksons Studio demos – October 1981)
16 Loser (Jacksons Studio demos – October 1981)
17 Iron Fist (Jacksons Studio demos – October 1981)
18 Go to Hell (Jacksons Studio demos – October 1981)
19 Lemmy Goes to the Pub (Alternate Version of ‘Heart of Stone’)
20 Same Old Song, I’m Gone (Alternate Version of ‘Remember Me, I’m Gone’)
21 (Don’t Let ‘Em) Grind You Down (Alternate Version)
22 Shut It Down (Jacksons Studio demos – October 1981)
23 Sponge Cake (Instrumental) (Jacksons Studio demos – October 1981)
24 Ripsaw Teardown (Instrumental) (Jacksons Studio demos – October 1981)
25 Peter Gunn (Instrumental) (Jacksons Studio demos – October 1981)

CD2 (Live At Glascow Apollo – March 18, 1982)
01 Iron Fist
02 Heart of Stone
03 Shoot You in the Back
04 The Hammer
05 Loser
06 Jailbait
07 America
08 White Line Fever
0 (Don’t Need) Religion
10 Go to Hell
11 Capricorn
12 (Don’t Let ‘Em) Grind Ya Down
13 (We Are The) Road Crew
14 Ace of Spades
15 Bite the Bullet 16 The Chase Is Better Than the Catch
17 Overkill
18 Bomber
19 Motörhead

By MARowe