Russian Circles are an instrumental band hailing from Chicago. Their musical style is heavy, which makes for a nice transition band for those that can appreciate ambient, especially hard-edged ambient, and those that like metal. But if you’re into metal, then Russian Circles are one to try out. (You can hear a track from their new upcoming album below.) Russian Circles have been around since 2004, with recorded outpur since 2006. To date, they have 7 studio albums out, all worth your time (if you like that style). Of those, four of their last have been released on the brilliant Sargent House label. Blood Year was released in 2019.

On August 18, Russian Circles will release their latest album – Gnosis. The new album will contain seven new compositions, including the previously mentioned front-running single – “Conduit”. That track is heavy-paced and agreeable for those that like a hard rocker. But know that the band is capable of intricate ambient, sometimes with a psychedelic bent. Definitely worth your inspection. 

Russian Circles will extensively tour Gnosis with a 40-date schedule.

Gnosis will release on CD, DD, and two variants of vinyl LP (Standard black, and Limited Edition Transparent Orange.

GnosisRussian Circles
01 Tupilak
02 Conduit
03 Gnosis
04 Vlastimil
05 Ó Braonáin
06 Betrayal
07 Bloom

By MARowe