Rock and Roll has easily surpassed the 60th anniversary of its arrival. Since, nothing has come close in music style to change it other than generational taste. The influences remain the same as they ever were. And with that, there are more than a few 50th Anniversaries for quite a few great albums. One of them is Madman Across The Water, the 1971 album (his fourth) from Elton John. Now that the news is officially released, we have the updated information of the classic album.  

On June 10, the 3CD/BD Deluxe set of Madman Across The Water will be released that features the 2016 Bob Ludwig remaster. It will also deliver a collection of piano demos, a mono single version of “Levon”, the anticipated extended version of “Razor Face” and , outtake, an original version of “Madman Across The Water”, live performance tracks that include a disc full of 8 BBC Sounds For Saturday live tunes.

The full package will provide a richly stuffed 104-page book with essays, notes, credits, photos, and memorabilia. A truncated 40-page booklet will accompany other LP and CD packages. Making the set more memorable will be a reproduction poster from 1971.

Madman Across The Water will celebrate its 50th Anniversary with the above mentioned 3CD/BD Deluxe package, as well as a 4LP 180g-weight standard black vinyl set that offers the 40-page booklet, and the poster. A 2CD set will be made available with the 40-page booklet. A Limited Edition vinyl color 180g-weight LP set that include a blue/white colored single LP. You can pre-order these from the Elton John site here.

Madman Across The Water (50th Anniversary 3CD/BD Edition) – Elton John

CD1 (Madman Across The Water – 2016 Remaster, Bonus Tracks)
01 Tiny Dancer (2016 Bob Ludwig Remaster)
02 Levon (2016 Bob Ludwig Remaster)
03 Razor Face (2016 Bob Ludwig Remaster)
04 Madman Across The Water (2016 Bob Ludwig Remaster)
05 Indian Sunset (2016 Bob Ludwig Remaster)
06 Holiday Inn (2016 Bob Ludwig Remaster)
07 Rotten Peaches (2016 Bob Ludwig Remaster)
08 All The Nasties (2016 Bob Ludwig Remaster)
09 Goodbye (2016 Bob Ludwig Remaster)
Bonus Tracks
10 Indian Sunset (Live Radio Broadcast)
11 Madman Across The Water (Original Version, featuring Mick Ronson)
12 Rock Me When He’s Gone
13 Levon (Mono Single Version)
14 Razor Face (Extended Version)

CD2 (Piano Demos)
01 Madman Across The Water (1970)
02 Tiny Dancer
03 Levon 
04 Razor Face 
05 Madman Across The Water (1971)
06 Indian Sunset 
07 Holiday Inn 
08 Rotten Peaches 
09 All The Nasties
10 Goodbye 
11 Rock Me When He’s Gone
12 Rock Me When He’s Gone (Full Version)

CD3 (BBC Sounds For Saturday – November 11, 1971 and broadcast April 29, 1972)
01 Tiny Dancer
02 Rotten Peaches
03 Razor Face
04 Holiday Inn 
05 Indian Sunset
06 Levon
07 Madman Across The Water
08 Goodbye

Audio (Greg Penny 5.1 Surround Mixes)
01 Madman Across The Water (Original Version, featuring Mick Ronson)
02 Madman Across The Water (album)

01 BBC Sounds For Saturday
02 Old Grey Whistle Test (December 7, 1971)


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  1. Shame you can’t buy the BR on its own. I’m happy with the Vinyl, but want the Surround Mix.

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