Rock and Roll has easily surpassed the 60th anniversary of its arrival. Since, nothing has come close in music style to change it other than generational taste. The influences remain the same as they ever were. And with that, there are more than a few 50th Anniversaries for quite a few great albums. One of them is Madman Across The Water, the 1971 album (his fourth) from Elton John.

Soon, there will be a 3CD/BD 50th Anniversary package to be released. And while there are no bits of info as of yet (other than the pack shot), this set now holds place as a coveted set. Judging by the photo, I’d speculate that there are hi-res mixes (it released as an SACD some years back), and perhaps even 5.1 Surround mixes. Certainly the booklet looks rich enough. And with 3CDs, I’d say the odds of outtakes, rehearsal tracks, alternate tracks, and live performance tracks are extremely high for this upcoming set. And a fold out poster for framing in your library room! But remember…everything is speculative, even the above photo.

Keep an eye or two on MusicTAP and other great informative sites for better details as they emerge. But that pack shot says much!!

By MARowe

3 thoughts on “Elton John To Celebrate 50th Anniversary Of Madman Across The Water”
  1. Cant wait for the tracklistings etc. This is a big MUST BUY for me :) Is there a release date yet?

    1. None that I know of yet. But this, and a (I hope forthcoming) 50th Anniversary set of Honky Chateau are absolute must buys for me.

      1. According to a well-known music web-board, CD 1 will have the remastered album plus 5 bonus tracks (I hope the long version of “Razor Face” will be included on this disc. It was only available on the old SACD hybrid). Disc 2 will be a disc of piano demos for the entire album.. Disc 3 is supposed to be the audio of a BBC performance from 1972.

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