We first heard 10cc with the release of their debut album in the UK. Although some members of the band had enjoyed a lengthy musical period before 10cc, and had endured a rejection by Apple Records, the morph into 10cc yielded 4 singles including “Rubber Bullets”, which went to number 1. From there and for the next seven years, 10cc delivered Gold and Platinum albums with singles like “The Things We Do For Love”, and “I’m Not In Love”.

By 1976, two of the core members left to start the successful duo Godley & Creme. They enjoyed a strong worldwide hit with “Cry” in 1985 (not their only strong hit but certainly one of their more memorable thanks to MTV). 10cc was the engine of success for not only Godley & Creme, but for the band itself.

Glenn Gouldman, another member with strong creative ties to 10cc also enjoyed a successful solo career with more than a few hits of his own. Previous to 10cc, Graham Gouldman had penned hits for The Hollies (“Bus Stop”), The Yardbirds (“For Your Love”, “Heart Full Of Soul”), Herman’s Hermits (“Listen People”), Jeff Beck (“Tallyman”), and others.

On May 6, an all-encompassing hits package will emerge with 36 tracks, eight of them live performances of a few hits by 10cc. The set will be called The Things We Do For Love: The Ultimate Hits and Beyond. On this collection will be songs from 10cc, Godley & Creme, Hotlegs, Graham Gouldman, and 5 tracks from the 6-track EP of the collaboration between Gouldman and Godley called GG06, to help celebrate that extension of talent that sprung forth from the fountain of 10cc. The set will include a previously unreleased 10cc track, “Natural Wonder”.

The 2LP set will truncate the offering, paring down to only 27 studio tracks and six live performance tracks.

The Things We Do For Love: The Ultimate Hits and Beyond will issue on 2CD, DD, and 2LP.

The Things We Do For Love: The Ultimate Hits and Beyond10cc

01 Rubber Bullets (10cc)
02 Donna (10cc)
03 10cc Dean & I (10cc)
04 10cc Wall Street Shuffle (10cc)
05 Silly Love (10cc)
06 Lifeis a Minestrone (10cc)
07 I’m Not In Love (10cc)
08 Art For Art’s Sake (10cc)
09 I’m Mandy Fly Me (10cc)
10 The Things We Do For Love (10cc)
11 Good Morning Judge (10cc)
12 Deadlock Holiday (10cc)
13 Natural Wonder (10cc)
14 Under Your Thumb (Godley & Crème)
15 Wedding Bells (Godley & Crème)
16 Cry (Godley & Crème)
17 Neanderthal Man (Hotlegs)
18  Look Through Any Window (Graham Gouldman)
19 No Milk Today (Graham Gouldman)
20 Pamela Pamela (Graham Gouldman)

01 For Your Love (Graham Gouldman)
02 Heartful of Soul (Graham Gouldman)
03 Bus Stop (Graham Gouldman)
04  Son Of Man (Gouldman & Godley – GG/06)
05 The Same Road (Gouldman & Godley – GG/06)
06  Johnny Hurts (Gouldman & Godley – GG/06)
07 Hooligan Crane (Gouldman & Godley – GG/06)
08 Barry’s Shoes (Gouldman & Godley – GG/06)
09 Donna
10 Rubber Bullets
11 The Wall Street Shuffle
12 I’m Not In Love
13 Art For Art’s Sake
14 I’m Mandy Fly Me
15 The Things We Do For Love
16 Dreadlock Holiday

The Things We Do For Love: The Ultimate Hits and Beyond10cc

Side A
01 Rubber Bullets
02 Donna
03 Dean & I
04 Wall Street Shuffle
05 Silly Love
06 Life is a Minestrone
07 Natural Wonder
Side B
01 I’m Not In Love
02 Art For Art’s Sake
03 I’m Mandy Fly Me
04 The Things We Do For Love
05 Good Morning Judge
06 Deadlock Holiday

Side A
01 Under Your Thumb
02 Wedding Bells
03 Cry
04 For Your Love
05 Heartful of Soul
06 Bus Stop
07 Look Through Any Window
08 No Milk Today
09 Pamela Pamela
Side B
01 Donna (Live)
02 The Wall Street Shuffle (Live)
03 I’m Not In Love (Live)
04 I’m Mandy Fly Me (Live)
05 The Things We Do For Love Live
06 Dreadlock Holiday (Live)

By MARowe