Turning the recording industry on its head and shaking all the coins out of its pocket, Sex Pistols created a new and blazing pathway for music to travel. Even their debut album signing with a major label enjoyed the added bluster of indecision. Nevertheless, their lone album went on to worldwide acclaim and now rests in the annals of Rock fame as an essential album.

On May 27, a compilation of hits, B-sides, and other tracks will collect into a set called The Original Recordings. The twenty tracks found here cover the timeframe of 1976-1978. It even includes “My Way” featuring Sid Vicious. As would be appropriate, I guess, Johnny Rotten has voiced disapproval over the compilation set, which is tied into the upcoming Danny Boyle Sex Pistols movie. Regardless…

The Original Recordings will be issued on CD, DD, CS (5 different editions), and 2LP vinyl packages that include standard black, and two neon color editions (yellow, green).

The Original RecordingsSex Pistols
01 Pretty Vacant
02 God Save The Queen
03 Bodies
04 No Feelings
05 I Wanna Be Me
06 Anarchy In The UK
07 Submission
08 No Fun
09 (I’m Not Your) Stepping Stone
10 Holidays In The Sun
11 New York
12 Problems
13 Lonely Boy
14 Silly Thing
15 Something Else
16 C’Mon Everybody
17 Satellite
18 Did You No Wrong
19 Substitute
20 My Way

By MARowe