Back in the late ’60s, Rod Argent formed the band, Argent, as he recovered from the dissolution of The Zombies. Their first album, the self-titled Argent debut produced “Liar”, which went on to be a big hit for Three Dog Night. But it set the groundwork for the excellent music that Argent created throughout their short five year, seven album career span. Argent achieved Top 5 status with the hit single, “Hold Your Head Up”.

On June 3, Edsel Records UK will release a 2CD collection of great music from this underappreciated band, Argent. (I love that I followed the band throughout all seven, following after The Zombies, whom I loved. I enjoyed every song!) The collection is being called Hold Your Head Up – The Best of Argent.

Hold Your Head Up – The Best of Argent boldly sifts through 59 recorded great Argent tracks to deliver 28 great Argent tracks. The set will provide a booklet with new notes, photos, credits, and more. While there is no lack of Argent collections, this one still has me excited.

Hold Your Head Up – The Best of ArgentArgent

01 Hold Your Head Up
02 God Gave Rock & Roll To You
03 Christmas For The Free
04 Liar
05 Schoolgirl
06 Dance In The Smoke
07 It’s Only Money (Pt 2)
08 Clown
09 Tragedy
10 It’s Only Money (Pt 1)
11 Sweet Mary
12 Celebration
13 Lothlorien
14 Man For All Reasons

01 Thunder And Lightning
02 The Jester
03 Highwire
04 Love
05 Keep On Rollin’
06 Be My Lover, Be My Friend
07 Like Honey
08 Sleep Won’t Help Me
09 Pleasure
10 The Coming Of Kohoutek
11 Once Around The Sun
12 Infinite Wanderer
13 Circus
14 Candles On The River

By MARowe