Bill Bruford has been around the block multiple times. With Yes. With King Crimson. With UK. With ABWH. With Earthworks. Solo. And as collaborator. Did I miss anything? Needless to say, his style of play and his influence is immeasurable in the world of Rock, highly revered for its classic style and for its innovation. This is why we have sets that celebrate the storied career of such a man as Bill Bruford.

On April 29, a career-spanning box for Bill Bruford will be released that offers 6CDs of collected tracks from his decades-long career. Tracks will feature the times spent with those ventures previously mentioned including 2CDs filled with special guest appearances and collaborative projects. The box is being called Making A Song and Dance: A Complete Career Collection.

Making A Song And Dance will issue on CD and DD. The booklet included will feature unseen photos and new notes and a detailed biography. The CDs are categorized by career participation (The Collaborator, The Composing Leader, Special Guest & Improviser). 

Making A Song and Dance: A Complete Career CollectionBill Bruford

CD1 (The Collaborator CD1)
01 I’ve Seen All Good People (Yes)
02 Heart of the Sunrise (Yes)
03 And You & I (Yes)
04 The Great Deceiver (King Crimson)
05 Fracture (King Crimson)
06 One More Red Nightmare (King Crimson)
07 Starless (King Crimson)
08 Nevermore (UK)

CD2 (The Collaborator CD2)
01 Frame by Frame (King Crimson)
02 Neal And Jack And Me (King Crimson)
03 Heartbeat (King Crimson)
04 Waiting Man (King Crimson)
05 Brother of Mine (ABWH)
06 Sex Eat Sleep Drink Dream (King Crimson)
07 Larks Tongues in Aspic Pt 2 (King Crimson)
08 Three of a Perfect Pair (King Crimson)
09 Man With An Open Heart (King Crimson)
10 Elephant Talk (King Crimson)
11 Indiscipline (King Crimson)
12 Big Funk (King Crimson)
13 The Still Small Voice (PianoCircus featuring Bill Bruford & Colin Riley)

CD3 (The Composing Leader CD1)
01 Seems Like a Lifetime Ago: Pt 1 (Bill Bruford)
02 Seems Like a Lifetime Ago: Pt 2 (Bill Bruford)
03 One of a Kind: Pt 1 (Bill Bruford)
04 One of a Kind: Pt 2 (Bill Bruford)
05 Palewell Park (Bill Bruford)
06 Joe Frazier (Bill Bruford)
07 It Needn’t End in Tears (Bill Bruford’s Earthworks)
08 My Heart Declares a Holiday (Bill Bruford’s Earthworks)
09 Downtown (Bill Bruford’s Earthworks)
10 Pilgrims’ Way (Bill Bruford’s Earthworks)
11 Temple of the Winds (Bill Bruford’s Earthworks)
12 Candles Still Flicker in Romania’s Dark (Bill Bruford’s Earthworks)
13 Nerve (Bill Bruford’s Earthworks)
14 Thistledown (Bruford/Towner/Gomez)

CD4 (The Composing Leader CD2)
01 Beelzebub (Bill Bruford’s Earthworks)
02 Original Sin (Bruford – Levin)
03 Revel Without a Pause (Bill Bruford’s Earthworks)
04 Triplicity (Bill Bruford’s Earthworks)
05 The Sound of Surprise (Bill Bruford’s Earthworks)
06 Speaking in Wooden Tongues (Earthworks Underground Orchestra)
07 Modern Folk (Bill Bruford’s Earthworks)
08 White Knuckle Wedding (Bill Bruford’s Earthworks)
09 Footloose and Fancy Free (Earthworks Underground Orchestra)
10 Thud (Earthworks Underground Orchestra)

CD5 (Special Guest & Improviser CD1)
01 Grown Ups Are Just Silly Children (Roy Harper)
02 Hallucinating Light (Roy Harper)
03 Lucky Seven [single edit] (Chris Squire)
04 Silently Falling (Chris Squire)
05 Calliope (Al Di Meola)
06 Voodoo Child (David Torn)
07 Andre (Kazumi Watanabe)
08 Small Wonder (Kazumi Watanabe)
09 The Inner Battle (Steve Howe)
10 Lingo (Buddy Rich Big Band)
11 Prism (Pete Lockett’s Network of Sparks featuring Bill Bruford)
12 Achilles Feel (PianoCircus featuring Bill Bruford & Colin Riley)

CD6 (Special Guest & Improviser CD2)
01 Galatea (Moraz-Bruford)
02 Symmetry (Moraz-Bruford)
03 Standing Between Two Fools (PianoCircus featuring Bill Bruford & Colin Riley)
04 No Warning (King Crimson)
05 Flags (Moraz-Bruford)
06 Split Seconds (Moraz-Bruford)
07 Previous Man (David Torn)
08 Three Minutes of Pure Entertainment (David Torn)
09 16 Kingdoms of The 5 Barbarians (Bruford – Borstlap)
10 Stand on Zanzibar (Bruford – Borstlap)
11 With Friends Like These… (Earthworks)
12 Low Tide, Camber Sands (Bruford – Borstlap)
13 Kinship (Bruford – Borstlap)

By MARowe