Michael Schenker has a long but revered history that goes back to the far reaches of Rock. It includes stints with Scorpions, UFO, and a wealth of solo work eclipsing them all in availability of music. With Scorpions, he emerges on their first two albums (Lonesome Crow – 1972, Fly To The Rainbow – 1974) and later on Lovedrive (1979). With UFO, he is discovered beginning with Phenomenon (1974) on through Obsession (1978), then later on Walk On Water (1995), Covenant (2000), and Sharks (2002). In his solo work, he is heard with the Michael Schenker Group, Michael Schenker Fest, McAuley/Schenker Group, Temple of Rock, and others as well using the simple Michael Schenker moniker. He’s been busy.

On May 27, the Michael Schenker Group will release a new album with Universal. The new album will be released via Atomic Fire Records. Universal will deliver eleven new songs, and feature two extra bonus tracks on an expanded edition. A track from the new album is in release – “Emergency”. It can be enjoyed below.

Universal will be released on CD, DD, and Clear Black color vinyl LP. Pre-order link is here.

UniversalMichael Schenker Group

01 Emergency
02 Under Attack
03 Calling Baal
04 A King Has Gone
05 The Universe
06 Long Long Road
07 Wrecking Ball
08 Yesterday Is Dead
09 London Calling
10 Sad Is The Song
11 Au Revoir
CD Earbook Bonus Tracks
12 Turn Off The World
13 Fighter

By MARowe